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Pen Name:Soledad
Joined:April 27, 2005
I've been writing - both fanfic and original fiction - for some 38 years by now. Yes, I'm actually that old. :) Usually, I write original fiction in German or in my native Hungarian, but I write fanfiction in English, as this is the original language of all my fandoms.

I've written my first Tolkien-related fanfiction in the late 1970's when I didn't even know that such a genre existed. Thankfully, those stories were lost, forever. But I think it's needless to say that I'm a book-fan.

English is my third language, but I have wonderfully generous beta readers. If there are still mistakes left, it's my fault alone.

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Strange Encounters
Humor Serial Rated:Teens
A frustrated fanfiction author gets unexpected visits from various Tolkien characters. Co-written with several Edhellond authors.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:10 Words:18030 Reviews: 4
The Shoemaker's Daughter
Drama Rated:Adult
Life in a small town of Gondor, a few years before the War of the Ring. Prequel to "Shadows of the Past".
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:8 Words:58179 Reviews: 3
Hope, Born of Darkness
General Rated:Teens
The ride of the Grey Company, seen from Elladan's POV. A sequel - sort of - to my Boromir series, "Fall Before Temptation".
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:3 Words:10013 Reviews: 1
The Last Stand
Drama Rated:Teens
That last fight between Éomer and Uglúk, seen from Uglúk’s perspective. MEFA 2005: Sauron's Eye Award.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:3 Words:14049 Reviews: 0
Sins of the Father
Drama Rated:Teens
Assorted chapters from Celebrimbor's life.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:2 Words:3184 Reviews: 0
All Alone in the Night
Drama Rated:All
Haldir in the Last Battle upon Dagorlad. Canon does not say whether he was there or not. This is one possible version of his role in the Last Alliance.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:3 Words:6036 Reviews: 3
Romance Rated:Teens
Gildor finally sails to the Blessed Realm and is reunited with Celebrimbor – or is he? Read it and find out.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:4690 Reviews: 0
Romance Rated:All
A sequel to "Dreamwalkers". Celebrimbor awakens in Irmo’s garden and has to make the ultimate decision.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:1660 Reviews: 0
Shadows of the Past
Drama Rated:Adult
Faramir, now Prince of Emyn Arnen, is faced with an unexpected part of Boromir's past. Rated for the horrors of war.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:5095 Reviews: 2
A Dwarven Yuletide
General Rated:All
After the Ring War, Legolas receives an unexpected invitation - and learns surprising things about Dwarves in general and about his friend, Gimli, in particular.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:7059 Reviews: 6
The Dying Stone
General Rated:All
After the Kinslaying in Alqualondë, Olwë mourns over his beautiful city.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:2168 Reviews: 0
General Rated:All
Nine-year-old Boromir has his first lesson about prejudice.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:3253 Reviews: 2
General Rated:All
A short glimpse into Lindir's childhood, before he came to Rivendell.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:3358 Reviews: 0
The First Snowdrop
General Rated:All
Aka: How Lindir realized that he was in love? An Elven Valentine story. Missing scene to "Innocence".
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:1120 Reviews: 0
Winter Solstice
General Rated:Teens
Yuletide in Imladris. Radagast pays a visit and little Estel gets to help in the kitchen. Glorfindel tells the story of the making of stars.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:5265 Reviews: 3
Pawns and Symbols
Drama Rated:Teens
A young Imrahil & Andrahar story. Co-written with Isabeau of Greenlea, originally for the Edhellond group's "Dúnadan Project". Now part of the "Sons of Gondor" arc.
Story complete.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:5 Words:11583 Reviews: 3
Romance Rated:Adult
An independent story of the "Sons of Gondor" arc, featuring Andrahar and Mánion, the healer - among other recurring original characters of mine.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:4303 Reviews: 1
The Face of the Enemy
Drama Rated:Teens
The Battle of the Pelennor Fields, seen from the enemy's POV. Sequel to "Pawns and Symbols" - well, sort of. Winner of the Mithril Award "Best Story Featuring Men" in 2004.
Story complete.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:6 Words:18701 Reviews: 0
Flickers on the Water
Drama Serial Rated:Teens
A series of Silmarillion-based drabbles, featuring characters from both the First and the Second Age. There is no connection whatsoever between the individual pieces, save the fact that they all take place in my personal settings. Theoretically, they should be canonical, aside from the emphasis on characters or events I found particularly interesting.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:10 Words:1486 Reviews: 2
Romance Serial Rated:Teens
A series of drabbles, situated in my alternate universe, where Boromir does not die at Parth Galen but lives out his life on Elladan’s side as the co-regent of the Reunited Kingdom.

Most of these drabbles feature Elladan and/or Boromir, save a few where their relationship is reflected upon by other characters. I am afraid I never managed to keep the exact number of 100 words but tried to remain as close as possible.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:5 Words:531 Reviews: 0
Starlight on Leaves
General Serial Rated:All
A series of drabbles about Oropher’s House across Ages.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:5 Words:881 Reviews: 0
Reflections of Past and Future
General Rated:Teens
On the eve of yestarë (the first day of the new year), Gildor muses about his past and possible future.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:1509 Reviews: 0
Seaside Conversations
General Rated:All
Imrahil, the Prince of Dol Amroth, has an unexpected visitor. Foreshadows of the upcoming dark days are discussed.

Dedication: for Isabeau with love. Happy birthday!
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:7193 Reviews: 0
Cold Comfort
General Rated:Teens
While the Fellowship is going through Moria, Denethor is having a discussion with an old friend. Once again, this story was a birthday present for Isabeau.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:5276 Reviews: 2
Seaside Conversations 2
General Rated:Teens
Imrahil, the Prince of Dol Amroth, sails into Edhellond after Aragorn’s wedding to say his farewells to the Lord of the South Haven.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:5 Words:13250 Reviews: 0
Of Elflings and Mice
General Rated:All
A little Elfling named Legolas learns an important lesson about friendship.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:4399 Reviews: 0
The Return of the Minstrel
General Rated:All
A possible approach on the remaking of Arda. Also a late sequel to "Innocence".
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:2099 Reviews: 0
Felagund and the Noegyth Nibin
General Rated:All
Finrod as seen from an unusual POV.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:2856 Reviews: 1
Visits in Eregion
General Rated:All
A series of visits that Narvi the Dwarf pays his Elven friend, Celebrimbor.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:4474 Reviews: 2
The Exercise of Vital Powers
General Rated:Teens
Why has Captain Thorongil left Gondor all of a sudden, right after his victory over the Corsairs of Umbar? This is one possible answer.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:2 Words:6088 Reviews: 1
Between the Darkness and the Light
General Rated:All
A tale from Thranduil's youth.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:2311 Reviews: 0
The Joys of a Beard
Humor Serial Rated:Adult
All Mary Sues/Tenth Walkers pursue Legolas. Or Aragorn. Or Boromir. Or one of the cute hobbits. That had to change. So I have changed it.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:13 Words:34448 Reviews: 13
Sons of Twilight and Starlight
General Rated:Teens
After the War of Wrath, Eönwë has to make some difficult choices. So do Elrond and Elros.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:4 Words:7805 Reviews: 0
Garden of Dreams and Memories 1
General Rated:All
Sequel to "Sons of Twilight and Starlight". Eönwë is about to leave Mandos' Halls.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:2043 Reviews: 0
Garden of Dreams and Memories 2
Romance Rated:All
The long vigil of Melian finally comes to and end.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:2970 Reviews: 0
Romance Serial Rated:Adult
Aka "The Minstrel of Rivendell". The long and winding tale of Lindir of Rhosgobel. Revised version, posted in its entirety for the first time.
First posted to FF.Net in the early 2002.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:22 Words:107002 Reviews: 2
Erotica Rated:Adults Graphic
A glimpse into the married life of Erestor and Lindir. A missing scene from "Innocence".
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:1226 Reviews: 0
The Last Yule in Halabor
General Rated:Teens
A series of loosely connected vignettes about the people of Halabor, a small fishing town in Gondor. Side product to "The Shoemaker's Daughter", written in the form of an Advent calendar.
Story complete.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:27 Words:47191 Reviews: 39
Little Bird
Drama Rated:Teens
Life is not easy in Mirkwood. Not even for the royal family.
This is an older story, first posted in 2002. The rating is for distrubing images. Story complete.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:4 Words:13468 Reviews: 4
General Serial Rated:All
As we all know, Celebrían sailed to the West some 500 years before the Ring War. Ever wondered what she might find there? This is one possible answer.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:16 Words:35102 Reviews: 0
Twisted Paths of Fate
General Rated:Teens
The Sea Festival is held in Mithlond, in the early Second Age, and Elrond thinks about past choices and a possible future.
Story complete.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:5 Words:15849 Reviews: 0
The Prisoner of Dol Guldur
Drama Rated:Teens
A terrible discovery after the fall of Dol Guldur.
Story complete. Nominated for MEFA 2008.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:14 Words:37032 Reviews: 17
Astonishment in Mirkwood
General Rated:All
What, exactly, was Legolas doing during the events described in "The Hobbit"? This is one possible answer and part of my Mirkwood story arc.

First posted to FF.Net in the late 2002.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:5 Words:17492 Reviews: 1
Romance Rated:Adult
This is an AU, written to answer a personal challenge from Altariel, back in 2002. A sequel to "Seal On My Heart".
This story is finished.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:8 Words:19463 Reviews: 1
A Brotherly Gift
General Rated:All
Prince Imrahil makes his sworn brother, Andrahar, a very special anniversary gift. This is an anniversary fic, written for Isabeau as an answer to the Edhellond Group's Anniversary 2006 Challenge.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:3 Words:11437 Reviews: 6
Seal On My Heart
Romance Rated:Adults Graphic
An AU, based on my own Boromir-series, "Fall Before Temptation", with the significant difference that this time Boromir does not die, but gets the girl instead – well, sort of.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:15 Words:82534 Reviews: 2
Emissary of the Mark
Action Rated:Teens
Aka: "How Elfhelm Went to Rhûn, Saved the Day and Got the Girl". Isabeau said that the subtitle is as good as a summary, and since this is the exact tale you will be told here, I kept it. *g*
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:6 Words:29654 Reviews: 6
The Young Knights
General Rated:All
After finishing his training as a Swan Knight in Dol Amroth, young Lord Herumor, the Heir of Halabor, gets knighted in his kinsman Lord Forlong's town.
Written for the Edhellond group as an Advent calendar - completed.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:24 Words:70068 Reviews: 33
Erotica Rated:Adult
Having lost against Boromir in the final round of the tournament in Lossarnach, young Lord Herumor, the Heir of Halabor, finds an unexpected way to pay ransom for his arms and his horse. This is an unexpected side product to "The Young Knights" and not considered a part of the actual story.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:4313 Reviews: 3
An Autumn Fair in Halabor
General Rated:Teens
The Wandering Elves, led by Gildor Inglorion, visit the Autumn Fair in Halabor. Takes place after Ch. 7 of "The Shoemaker's Daughter". Edhellond's Advent Calendar 2007.
Story complete. Nominated for MEFA 2008.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:24 Words:59283 Reviews: 2
Edhellond Anniversary Drabbles
General Serial Rated:All
Drabbles and double- and triple-drabbles, written for various Edhellond members, for the group's 5th anniversary.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:16 Words:4292 Reviews: 1
The Web of Darkness
General Rated:Adult
One of the Witch-king's spells backfires big time, and an unexpected new ally arrives to Mirkwood. Crossower with "Forgotten Realms". Thanks to Larner for the beta work. Nominated for MEFA 2008.
Story complete.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:30 Words:179480 Reviews: 19
The Vault of the Dead
General Rated:Teens
Aragorn finally gets the sign he had waited for so long. But there are other powers in Middle-earth who want justice to be done to someone else first.
Story complete. Nominated for MEFA 2008.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:9 Words:26253 Reviews: 12
Stolen Moments of Wedded Bliss
General Serial Rated:Adults Graphic
A series of loosely connected vignettes which belong to my alternate universe, in which Boromir doesn’t die at Sarn Gebir but becomes Elladan’s lover – and more. It can be considered a side product of my AU story “Seal On My Heart”.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:2 Words:1830 Reviews: 1
The Book of Mazarbul
General Rated:Teens
The chronicle of Balin's ill-fated attempt to retake Moria, with a great deal of background on Dwarves. Chapters 8 and 9 partially rewritten to match the new additions.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:11 Words:84289 Reviews: 3
Humor Rated:All
Bilbo Baggins is presumably dead, his belongings are going to be sold on an auction. When he unexpectedly returns, he brings more than just gold and silver back from the foreign lands.

Story complete.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:7 Words:23735 Reviews: 1
Tales from Halabor
General Serial Rated:All
Independent little vignettes, taking place in Halabor and featuring, mostly, young Lord Herumor.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:6 Words:24041 Reviews: 4
Maitimo's Awakening
General Rated:All
Maedhros wakes up after Finrod has rescued him from Thangorodrim. But whom does he have to face?
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:4338 Reviews: 1

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