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As we all know, Celebrían sailed to the West some 500 years before the Ring War. Ever wondered what she might find there? This is one possible answer.
Time of The Two Trees, First Age, Third Age
Celebrían, Círdan the Shipwright, Elrond, Galdor, Legolas Greenleaf, Original Female Character - OFC, Original Male Character - OMC, Voronwë
[PF] 01:Mithlond
[PF] 02:The Journey
[PF] 03:Littleheart
[PF] 04:Meril-i-Turinqi
[PF] 05:Gilfanon a-Davrobel
[PF] 06:The House of the Hundred Chimneys
[PF] 07:The Feast of Double Mirth
[PF] 08:The First Green Leaf
[PF] 09:The Tales to be Told
[PF] 10:The Songs That Are Sung
[PF] 11:A Silver Spirit
[PF] 12:The Beginning of a Long Tale
[PF] 13:Unlight Arising
[PF] 14:First Blood
[PF] 15:The Darkening Fire
[PF] 16:Spoken in Vain
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