Tolkien Fan Fiction Home Tolkien Fan FictionAll the tales of the Valar and the Elves are so knit together that one may scarce expound any one without needing to set forth the whole of their great history.
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January 13, 2017
Hi All, Charlie here again, just to let you know I've just been told that despite my obvious disability, I am due to be a father at the end of Jan, so I may not have the fan fiction ready for your consumption as promised :-(. so to be the bearer of bad news, will post an update as soon as possible.

Much love

Charles Devoy
January 4, 2016
Hi all, Happy new year to you all! :)

I'm so pleased to have found this site, I have been writing fan fiction for the last 15 years or so. My latest work being a re-imagining of the Lord Of The Rings - set in modern day Glasgow, the ring in question being the ringpull from a can of Iron Bru. Despite my obvious disability, I hope to have it finished by the end of January.

Much love to all

January 4, 2016
Hi Everyone,
Wow! I had no idea there was so much great material out there. What an awesome site! It's a wonder I've never visited before, given the amount of Tolkien fan fiction
About ten years ago, I wrote 6 scripts based upon the stories collected in the Silmarillion and the Unfinished Tales. They are a chronological retelling of the events from the creation of Middle Earth to the great upheaval and flood that reshaped Middle Earth into the world represented in the LOTR. They were never intended to be used in any way. I just had a vision I wanted to take shape, and this was the only outlet I had without knowing of the existence of fan-fiction. They certainly qualify as such, though, and I would be happy to post them here, as soon as my membership is approved.
December 30, 2015 R A Sharkey
I just found your site (I have been a Tolkien fan for many years, but am new to the phrase "fan fiction".) I am very impressed with the quality of many of the stories and the imaginative, caring effort put forth by the authors I have read so far. Thanks!!
January 21, 2015 PeggyNC
This site is, great! I really enjoyed some of the stories. Heck maybe I might write one myself ;)
December 19, 2012 James Cross
Hi, I found your site is just wonderful and I thank you for having given us this information is very important.
October 10, 2011 ok
This is an awesome site, just like hasa and soa. The only thing I miss is the opportunity to bookmark a story.
November 27, 2009 Minnaiya
I loved this site as much as I loved SoA and FanFiction! LotR fanfiction! My Favorite!
December 31, 2008 Elizabeth Anne Lucy Hilary Jamie Helen Christine
I, too, have just found this site.
Thank you for all your good work, especially to Soledad, who has so nicely answered some of my questions about Celebrķan and Erestor. (Lindir is quite the bonus!) And, yes, it seems reasonable that people who live for many thousands of years probably have complicated social lives.
Meneg hennaid, a meren idhrind sein.
December 26, 2008 Orodriel
I found this site today and what a feast of stories there are. Have only had time to read one so far I am most impressed by the standard, imaginative plot and tender writing.
December 20, 2008 peersrogue
This is a really good site! Keep up the work!
November 29, 2007 illereyn
Very nice site. Keep it up. Have you ever played on a MUSH? We are a Tolkien fan based site too. Check out - lots of fun!
August 15, 2007 Saruman
Great site, hope it continues to grow, miles better than love the forums.

June 21, 2005
January 27, 2005 CP
I really like this site. It's not too large, clearly arranged, easy to use... in other words: lovely!
November 1, 2004
A new Tolkien Archive, that's just wonderful, and with a printing format, that's even better. Hope a lot of authors will find their way to it. Thanks for all your work.
July 12, 2004 Imrahoil
You've done a wonderful job with this site. I hope it becomes a huge success, and prospers for many long years to come.
July 11, 2004 Ithilwen
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