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A Brotherly Gift
 [1] Reviewer:Isabeau Date:September 24, 2006 12:06 PM
Oh Soledad, aren't I the lucky girl! Thank you for writing this picture of brotherhood and peace for me at a time when things are so unsettled in your own country.

Poor Andrahar, so bewildered at being dragged to what he regards as a backwater. I love his pleasure and surprise at the things he finds there, and though you didn't say he bought any of the Haradric spices, I'm sure he did and I'm glad he got the chance.

And what a nifty new toy for Imrahil that boat is-I'll have to remember Swanwing. And that beautiful rug will have to go in Andra's bedroom. I love oriental carpets myself, though I don't know anything about them, so that whole section was great fun for me.

It's always nice to see my boys together when I don't have to write them myself, and you captured Andra's truculent loyalty and Imrahil's gracious courtesy very well. I particularly loved his note to Andra at the end-it was perfectly in voice.

Thanks again for the lovely prezzie!

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 [2] Reviewer:Denise Date:September 24, 2006 12:28 PM
I really enjoyed this story, Soledad. Isabeau's Andrahar and Imrahil are two of my all-time favorite characters, and you wrote them so well. I loved all of your descriptions. I'm not very familiar with the details of medieval life, and since that is often the assumed basis for much of ME, I sometimes have trouble picturing the exact circumstances in or appearance of a scene. I didn't have any such troubles in your fic - so much was laid out in clear detail. The descriptions of the keep, the baths and hunting party were especially informative and enjoyable for me.

I had to go "Awww..." at the end - what a wonderful and appropriate gift for Andrahar! Once I knew what it was, I had to go back and reread the story with Imrahil's plan in mind. I could just see the Prince's eyes twinkling as he watched Andrahar enjoy those various tastes of home. Thanks for giving Andrahar such a nice day in his brother's company.

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 [3] Reviewer:Nargil Date:September 27, 2006 2:08 PM
Another great story Soledad, so nice to see Andra and Imri get time to hang out together without getting into some sort of trouble. Also loveley to see Halbor again and to get to know the residents a little more, it was facinating to see some of them from different perspectives.

I love seeing all the research that went onto this it adds such a depth to your writing .


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 [4] Reviewer:Sajo Date:November 23, 2006 9:16 AM
Thank you for a great story. What a splendid idea to "knit together" Imrahil and Andrahar with Halabor in this charming way. And your knowledge of oriental rugs is
really impressing. Your careful reseaches always add a strong feeling of substance to your stories. Talking of Halabor, it would be lovely to hear some more about "The shoemakers daughter".

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 [5] Reviewer:just_ann_now Date:August 1, 2010 7:04 PM
What a gorgeous story. Though it's not very heavy on plot, and relies a great deal on previously established characterizations (and what impressive, memorable characters they are!) you've provided, through the power of rich, vivid writing, a magnificent feast for the senses.

The opening passages are full of the tang of salt air and glittering, dancing waves. The reader is led, gawking, up from the jetty, past boatmakers and net-menders and fishwives, to a perfectly formed and realized medieval castle and keep. It's just astounding to me how I was able to visualize, purely from the power of words alone, every detail.

A further surprise was the discovery of a lively Haradric quarter, with shops and craftsmen, food and spices, nestled within a sleepy Gondorian fishing village. Again, the description of the craftman's wares was absolutely exquisite. I felt, reading this, as if I were watching a film, a film with an inexhaustible budget and a director and set designer with an obsession for perfection. *g* What fun that would be!

Soledad, I'm so glad I discovered your stories - they've given me great delight over the past few days, providing a welcome escape to a more fantastical, richly expanded Middle-Earth than Professor Tolkien ever envisioned.

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 [6] Reviewer:Larner Date:October 20, 2010 2:55 AM
Ah, indeed a perfect day for the two of them! A delight to see several cultures coming together under Gondorian rule here, all prospering together.


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