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Noble Jewel
General Rated:Teens
A stable-boy and the Commander of the Swan Knights of Dol Amroth find that they have something in common.....

Mithril Awards, 2005:
Winner-Best Characterizaton/Original Character
Runner-Up-Best Story Concerning Men
MEFAs, 2005:
2nd Place, Races: Gondor: Original Characters

Updated:November 5, 2007 Chapters:6 Words:25045 Reviews: 11
Well Favored
General Rated:All
While fleeing Minas Tirith, a young girl encounters a special soldier.

Mithril Awards, 2004:
Semi-Finalist - Best LOTR
Semi-Finalist - Best Short Story/Vignette
MEFAS, 2005:
Honorable Mention-Races/Places: Gondor: Original Characters

Updated:July 14, 2008 Chapters:1 Words:1512 Reviews: 3
General Rated:Adult
Boromir travels to Dol Amroth one Yule to seek tutoring in a very important subject from his former Armsmaster Andrahar. Warning: explicit slash.

Part of the "Best-loved Sons" cycle.

Mithril Awards, 2004:
Finalist - Best romance/erotica (slash)
Finalist - Best characterization (original character)
MEFAs, 2005:
Honorable Mention-Races: Gondor: Original Characters

Updated:November 5, 2007 Chapters:2 Words:11602 Reviews: 0
Drama Rated:Adult
The sequel to Discretion. The end of the relationship. Or, what politics do to strange bedfellows. Warning: explicit slash.

Part of the "Best-loved Sons" cycle.

Mithril Awards, 2004:
Finalist - Best romance/erotica (slash)
Finalist - Best characterization (original)

Updated:April 29, 2007 Chapters:2 Words:16146 Reviews: 1
General Rated:Teens
A sidebar to Captain My Captain--Prince Imrahil's inner dialogue, between Aragorn's marriage and Mablung's.
Updated:July 18, 2004 Chapters:1 Words:1785 Reviews: 6
Drama Serial Rated:Adult
Written for the HASA Brothel Challenge. Nineteen-year-olds Imrahil and Andrahar have an experience in a brothel that threatens their relationship. Warning: Explicit slash in Chapter Five.

MEFAS, 2008:
First Place-Genres: Drama: Incomplete

Updated:January 10, 2013 Chapters:12 Words:66107 Reviews: 13
Stud Fee
Erotica Rated:Adult
Elladan has something that Eomer wants, and Elladan wants Eomer in return.
Updated:November 20, 2004 Chapters:1 Words:9774 Reviews: 1
Romance Serial Rated:Adult
Prince Imrahil is commanded to seek a wife by his father, and sets his sights on the girl next door.
Updated:January 10, 2013 Chapters:13 Words:60108 Reviews: 22
Dol Amroth Yule
Action Rated:Teens
Originally written for a challenge on HASA, this story may be integrated in part into the Hethlin sequel. Posted now for holiday reading. Hethlin's first Yule in Dol Amroth.

MEFAs, 2008:
Honorable Mention-Genres: Adventure: General

Updated:December 3, 2008 Chapters:3 Words:16637 Reviews: 6
The Best Gift of All
General Rated:All
Another holiday story set in Dol Amroth. Fourteen-year-old Faramir spends Yule with his mother's family, and receives a treasured gift.

MEFAs, 2005:
3rd place, Races: Gondor: Boromir and Faramir

Updated:November 5, 2007 Chapters:1 Words:3833 Reviews: 2
The Silver Swan
General Serial Rated:Teens
The further adventures of Hethlin of Anorien.
Updated:December 23, 2005 Chapters:3 Words:17588 Reviews: 49
Last Rites
Drama Rated:Teens
On the night before the Battle of the Morannon, questions are asked and answered about Boromir's death.

Mithril Awards, 2005:
Semifinalist-Best Drama
MEFAs, 2006:
2nd Place-Genres: Drama: General

Updated:November 5, 2007 Chapters:3 Words:18947 Reviews: 14
Swan in Stone fragments
General Rated:All
Some bits and pieces from an uncompleted work about Imrahil at the Siege of Gondor and the Battle of the Pelennor Fields. It's been over two years since I started this, and I thought people might enjoy the fragments. I might also get the impetus to write the rest of it...
Updated:March 12, 2007 Chapters:3 Words:6678 Reviews: 5
Fourth Age
General Rated:Teens
A look into the distant future-Hethlin as a terrible old woman.

MEFAs 2011:

1st place, Incomplete: General
Smaug's Treasure

Updated:January 16, 2012 Chapters:5 Words:10607 Reviews: 20
General Rated:All
In the aftermath of the events of Yule, Andrahar encounters an unforeseen difficulty. An Andrahar and Brand story and a sidebar to Dol Amroth Yule.

MEFAs, 2008:
Second Place-Races: Men: General

Updated:December 3, 2008 Chapters:1 Words:5555 Reviews: 9
Lossarnach Yule
General Rated:All
A holiday tale of Gondor, wherein a dead Ranger's family is visited by three strangers who bring a change of fortune in their wake.

MEFAs, 2006:
3rd Place-Races: Men: Gondor

Updated:November 5, 2007 Chapters:4 Words:18886 Reviews: 7
Isabeau's Drabbles
General Rated:All
Sundry assorted drabbles, written for various challenges and as birthday prezzies.
Updated:January 10, 2013 Chapters:36 Words:18847 Reviews: 64
Captain My Captain
Action Rated:Teens
Events in RoTK as experienced by a young Ranger of Ithilien. Main character is OFC. Action, romance, some speculative gap-filling. Warning--this is a novel-length story.

Revised Edition in progress-I'll be posting chapters here periodically.

Mithril Awards, 2003:
Runner Up - Voters' Choice: Best romance/erotica (het)
Commended - Best characterization (original)
MEFAs, 2004:
2nd place, Races: Men: General

Updated:November 5, 2007 Chapters:9 Words:35220 Reviews: 0
The Recall
General Rated:All
You don't need to teach an old Prince new tricks, he has plenty of his own...a sequel to Altariel's Red River and a birthday present for Dwimordene, all at the same time.

MEFAs, 2006:
Honorable Mention, Fourth Age: Gondor

Updated:December 6, 2006 Chapters:1 Words:4983 Reviews: 5
Action Rated:Teens
How Hethlin of Anorien became a Ranger of Ithilien.

MEFAs, 2004:
1st place, Races: Men: Incomplete

MEFAs, 2010:
2nd place, Adventure: General

Updated:December 18, 2010 Chapters:11 Words:60413 Reviews: 19
General Rated:All
A fragment that's been hovering about on my hard drive for a while now. I had thought to include it in my latest Brand story, but it doesn't fit in there either. Altariel thought you all would appreciate seeing it, so here it is-Brand's first meeting with Imrahil.
Updated:September 30, 2006 Chapters:1 Words:4192 Reviews: 10
Drama Serial Rated:Teens
In the days surrounding his fourteenth birthday, Brandmir finds out the truth and peril finds him.

MEFAs, 2007:
1st Place-Genres: Drama: Incomplete

Updated:February 13, 2013 Chapters:18 Words:99355 Reviews: 98
The Gates
General Rated:All
Early in the Fourth Age, Gimli discovers his truest gift.

MEFAs, 2007:
2nd Place-Races: Dwarves: General

Updated:January 1, 2008 Chapters:1 Words:1902 Reviews: 13
Shall We Dance?
General Rated:All
Fluff alert! Fluff alert! Lothiriel has just one wish for her coming-out in Minas Tirith, and the only person who can help her is her...Uncle Denethor? Denethor is about as surprised in this story as I was to be writing it! A Chicago Summit story.

MEFAs, 2008:
First Place-Races: Men: Steward's Family

Updated:December 3, 2008 Chapters:1 Words:4063 Reviews: 13
General Rated:Teens
Another sequel to Discovery. In the days before he leaves for Imladris, Boromir has a disturbing dream, and a talk with a certain young Ranger from Anorien.
Updated:October 15, 2007 Chapters:1 Words:6012 Reviews: 1
General Rated:Teens
Captain, My Captain: The Director's Cut! After their very different encounters with Hethlin, Faramir and Imrahil have a little chat.
Updated:October 26, 2007 Chapters:1 Words:11106 Reviews: 2
General Rated:All
In the aftermath of a crushing defeat, Boromir finds a way to make Faramir feel better. Written for the Faramir Creation Day Challenge on the HA list.

MEFAs, 2008:
Honorable Mention-Races: Men: Steward's Family

Updated:August 3, 2010 Chapters:1 Words:2639 Reviews: 6
Parth Galen
General Rated:All
What might have happened had Boromir been a little less desperate, a little less despairing? The moment when things changed. An AU to the Best-Loved Sons arc.

MEFAS, 2008:
Honorable Mention-Genres: Alternate Universe: Steward's Family

Updated:December 3, 2008 Chapters:1 Words:2447 Reviews: 2
General Rated:Teens
Newly promoted to a ship of his own, Prince Imrahil is set upon a means of celebration that Andrahar does not approve of.
Updated:December 3, 2008 Chapters:1 Words:1686 Reviews: 12
General Rated:Teens
MEFAS, 2009:
Honorable Mention-Times: Post-Ring War and
Beyond: Gondor

For the B2MeM09 Day Eight prompt. The prompt was: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Is it? And ugliness? Is it also relative?
Write a story, poem or create an artwork where the contrast beauty/ugliness plays a central role.

Unfortunately, this prompt lit a fire under me to write a scene from the long dormant Silver Swan. It's long enough that I'm posting it here as an independent piece for now. But it will be incorporated in some form into the longer story eventually.
Updated:January 4, 2010 Chapters:1 Words:2926 Reviews: 11
General Rated:All
Hethlin's first days in Dol Amroth are not happy ones, at least in part because of a certain song.
Updated:April 4, 2010 Chapters:1 Words:2477 Reviews: 4
General Rated:All
Captain Andrahar takes his responsibility to teach Prince Imrahil's children to defend themselves very seriously. But the youngest prince, Amrothos, presents a unique challenge.

MEFAs, 2010:
3rd Place, Character Study: Family

Updated:December 25, 2013 Chapters:1 Words:4674 Reviews: 4
General Rated:Teens
Disappointed in love, the Prince of Dol Amroth turns to the one who has never failed him. A gap-filler for Captain My Captain. What happened at home the night Hethlin refused Imrahil.
Updated:April 4, 2010 Chapters:1 Words:1285 Reviews: 3
General Rated:All
A birthday present for Altariel. She wanted Faramir and Eowyn and I got them both in at least a little bit. This story follows the events in Fair Game by a couple of months.

MEFASs 2011:

Honorable Mention, Post Ring War: Gondor and Beyond

Updated:January 16, 2012 Chapters:1 Words:1755 Reviews: 7
General Rated:All
Written for B2MeM 2011:

The Day Two challenge (Losgar):
Defiance is defined as the willingness to contend or fight. Write a story or poem or create artwork where the characters defy authority in some way.

MEFAs 2011:

2nd Place, Men: Faramir
Smaug's Treasure

Updated:January 16, 2012 Chapters:1 Words:3499 Reviews: 4
The Baby Pool
General Rated:All
In which Brand goes to the beach with his cousins and learns a few things. Takes place shortly before Altariel's The Lost

MEFAs 2011:

2nd Place, Character Study: Gondorians

Updated:January 16, 2012 Chapters:1 Words:5045 Reviews: 4
General Rated:All
Imrahil returns home to pass judgment on pirates and on his dearest friend.
Updated:March 31, 2011 Chapters:1 Words:6912 Reviews: 5
The Next Forty Years
General Rated:Teens
A birthday present for Altariel. The Black Swan of Dol Amroth is having a little difficulty dealing with a landmark anniversary. His wife and blood brother join forces to help.
Updated:January 16, 2012 Chapters:1 Words:2868 Reviews: 5
General Rated:All
Faramir takes two people he loves to his home at Emyn Arnen for the first time. Set during Passages and the first part of A Game of Chess.
Updated:January 28, 2013 Chapters:1 Words:6832 Reviews: 6

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