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 [1] Reviewer:Gwidhiel Date:April 4, 2010 9:12 PM
Hi Isabeau,

I think this is a wonderful exchange between Imrahil and Andrahar, and it does seem to fit Andra's character better than as he appeared regarding Hethlin in Aftermath (not to mention Dol Amroth Yule -- fond though I am of that one!).

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 [2] Reviewer:Kat Date:April 22, 2010 4:05 AM
I haven't checked this site in awhile, but today I felt the urge to see if perhaps you had updated any of your fics. I was so excited to see all the April 4, 2010 updates! I loved all of these short stories :) Everything you write is amazing.

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 [3] Reviewer:Denise Date:May 1, 2010 12:07 AM
OK, it did prove too tempting... *g*

Oh, nicely done! I this little scene very much: you tuck in so much of their history, and I love that you show them in conflict - even lashing out - but not ever losing their love and regard for each other, just as blood brothers should do. Excellent writing and characterizations, as always!

Love the "weedy fellow" snap, and it and Imrahil's later thoughts about Andrahar and Boromir raise my curiosity about something, which I don't recall ever being addressed: Is Imrahil, for all his well-wishes for Andra and Boromir, jealous that Andrahar's affections went elsewhere and seem stronger than even his love for Imrahil? His comment about I half expected you to offer, Andra. There was a time when you would have. almost makes me think he is testing this or taking a shot based on jealousy, because logically (for me) there is not much of a step in dishonoring his love for Hethlin by visiting a brothel and doing the same by sleeping with Andrahar. Or at least that was Imrahil's view with regards to Nimrien in Ultimatums when Andra "offered".

Finally, I'm flattered that you think I could have noticed something conflicting, though I swear there's many more Unabeauverse fans with sharper eyes and memories than me! But actually, I have no problem working my way through any conflict with the bit of Aftermath that you quote at the end of the story: There is some amount of time between Imrahil leaving the wedding, and then going to see Hethlin. I can easily see Andrahar ranting at Imrahil just as Aftermath describes and then, "behind the scenes", changing his mind before Imrahil leaves for the Citadel and joining him for the trip. Even if he thought Imri was being a total idiot and ass, he wouldn't completely abandon him. :)

The only part that jumps out as being discontinuous in Aftermath is just after your quote, where Imrahil thinks about not being able to sleep well due to his frustrated desires. But as much as I like that bit of Aftermath, I love the "magic hands" endings here, too!

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