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Divers Drabbles
Rating:Teens Genre:General
Chapters: 23 Word Count: 8751
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"We in the house of Denethor know much ancient lore by long tradition, and there are moreover in our treasuries many things preserved: books and tablets writ on withered parchments, yea, and on stone, and on leaves of silver and of gold, in divers characters."

This is a compilation of my drabbles and mega-drabbles, all in multiples of 100 words as counted by MS Works. Here there be dragons (well, just one), Elves, and werewolves, and a great-hearted hound, not to mention various Men (and women)of Gondor and Rohan, enchantment of divers kinds, sorrow and joy, birth and old age, and one musing wizard. There will be twenty-five chapters in all, the first seven are Silmarillion-based.

Beta'd by Branwyn. Previously posted at
Time of The Two Trees, First Age, Third Age, Fourth Age
Aragorn II 'Strider' Elessar, Boromir son of Denethor II, Carcharoth, Denethor II, Elrond, Éomer Éadig, Éowyn, Faramir son of Denethor II, Finwë, Gandalf, Gríma Wormtongue, Huan, Imrahil, Morgoth Bauglir, Nienor Níniel, Oromë, Sauron
[PF] 01:Spirit of Fire (Finwë)
[PF] 02:Great Heart (Huan)
[PF] 03:The Guardian (Huan)
[PF] 04:Lord of Werewolves (Morgoth)
[PF] 05:Naeramarth (Nienor)
[PF] 06:Seeker of Shadow (Eöl)
[PF] 07:Refuge (Elrond)
[PF] 08:Your Father Loves You (Denethor)
[PF] 09:Birthday Kisses (Imrahil)
[PF] 10:Foray (Boromir)
[PF] 11:Serpent's Ease (Gríma)
[PF] 13:Invocation (Aragorn)
[PF] 14:Roots And Branches (Faramir)
[PF] 15:Stewardship (Gandalf)
[PF] 16:The Conscience of the King (Éomer)
[PF] 17:Gaiety In Gondor (Aragorn & Faramir)
[PF] 18:Inroads (Éowyn)
[PF] 19:Rising Star (Faramir)
[PF] 20:Sons of Gondor (Aragorn)
[PF] 21:Releasing The Reins (Éowyn)
[PF] 22:Legend (Éowyn)
[PF] 23:White Ladies (Éowyn)
[PF] 24:The Tracks of Time
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