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Marta's Assorted Drabbles
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Various drabbles written by request of HASA members, for their birthdays.

NEW: "That Immortal Sea"- Faramir dreams of Númenor; written for Dwim. "A New Age"- Celeborn and Thranduil meet in Mirkwood after the Ring War; written for Arandil.
Second Age, Third Age
Argeleb II, Beregond, soldier of Gondor, Bergil, Boromir son of Denethor II, Celeborn - Elf, Denethor II, Dúnedain, Dwarves, Elrond, Éomer Éadig, Éowyn, Faramir son of Denethor II, Frodo Baggins, Gaffer Gamgee, Galadriel, Gimli Elf-friend, Glorfindel of Rivendell, Hobbits, Legolas Greenleaf, Meriadoc 'Merry' Brandybuck, Nob, Peregrin 'Pippin' Took I, Samwise 'Sam' Gamgee, Théodred, Uruk-hai
[PF] 01:Three for the Elven-lords (Second Age) (Celeborn/Galadriel)
[PF] 02:Small Hands (Third Age- WotR) (Bilbo, Boromir)
[PF] 03:Not Alone (Third Age- WotR) (Frodo, Sam)
[PF] 04:Foul Brew (Third Age- WotR) (Pippin, Orcs)
[PF] 05:Fealty and Service (Third Age- pre-WotR) (Denethor, Faramir)
[PF] 06:Fear! Fire! Foes! (Third Age- WotR) (Fatty Bolger)
[PF] 07:Raven and Gold (Fourth Age) (Aragorn/Arwen, Faramir/Eowyn)
[PF] 08:Chasing and Burg'ling (Third Age- post-WotR) (Frodo, Gaffer)
[PF] 09:Failed Foresight (Third Age- post-WotR) (Elrond, Faramir, Pippin)
[PF] 10:High King and Halfling (Third Age) (Argeleb, Fallohide Brothers)
[PF] 11:His Lady's Horse (Third age- pre-WotR) (Aragorn, Halbarad)
[PF] 12:Hope (Third Age- WotR) (Glorfindel, Asfaloth)
[PF] 13:In Memoriam (Fourth Age) (Bergil, Beregond, Boromir)
[PF] 14:Knight's Service (Third Age- post-WotR) (Faramir/Eowyn, Merry, Pippin)
[PF] 15:So Other Men May Fight (Third Age- pre-WotR) (Beregond, Bergil)
[PF] 16:Night and Day (Third Age- post-WotR) (Gimli, Eomer)
[PF] 17:Mercy (Third Age- Erebor) (Legolas, Dwarves)
[PF] 18:The Steward and the King (Third Age- pre-WotR) (Aragorn, Boromir)
[PF] 19:The Heirs of Isildur (Third Age) (Elrond)
[PF] 20:An Unexpected Gift (Third Age- pre-WotR) (Aragorn, Halbarad)
[PF] 21:The Soul of a Sinda (Third Age- post-WotR) (Arwen, Celeborn, Ioreth)
[PF] 22:A Call on the Wind (Third Age- WotR) (Boromir, Eomer, Theodred)
[PF] 23:Anniversary (Third Age- Erebor) (Bilbo, Bifur)
[PF] 24:Kissing Leads to Trouble (Third Age- pre-WotR) (Boromir, Denethor, Faramir)
[PF] 25:We Shall Return (Third Age) (OC)
[PF] 26:Other Deeds (Third Age- pre-WotR) (Aragorn)
[PF] 27:More Than Memory (Third Age- Erebor) (Elrond, Glorfindel)
[PF] 28:Sacrifices (Third Age- pre-WotR) (Boromir, Faramir)
[PF] 29:Burden Shared (Third Age- pre-WotR) (Aragorn/Arwen)
[PF] 30:Discovery in the Dark (Third Age- Erebor) (Bilbo, Gollum)
[PF] 31:Hidden Wonders (Fourth Age) (Faramir/Eowyn)
[PF] 32:Holding the Line (Movieverse) (Aragorn, Legolas)
[PF] 33:Praise Them (Third Age- post-WotR) (OMC)
[PF] 34:A Steward's Dream (Third Age- pre-WotR) (Boromir, Faramir)
[PF] 35:Man of the North (Third Age- pre-WotR) (Aragorn, Thengel)
[PF] 36:To Shield a Shield-maiden (Third Age- pre-WotR) (Eowyn, Grima)
[PF] 37:Welcoming the Lady (Fourth Age) (Faramir/Eowyn)
[PF] 38:Homeward Bound (Third Age- post-WotR) (Bill, Nob, Sam)
[PF] 39:Wedding Gifts (Fourth Age) (Faramir/Eowyn, Merry)
[PF] 40:Truly Exposed (Second Age) (Celeborn/Galadriel)
[PF] 41:A New Age (Fourth Age) (Celeborn, Thranduil)
[PF] 42:That Immortal Sea (Third Age- pre-WotR) (Faramir)
[PF] 43:A Lesser and Alien Race (Third Age- Kings OR Fourth Age) (Eowyn OR Vidurnavi)
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