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Moments in Time
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A place to highlight those short stories that present themselves at my keyboard.
Third Age
Dúnedain, Dwarves, Elves, Ents, Frodo Baggins, Gondorians, Hobbits
[PF] 001:Thinning
[PF] 002:Stricken from the Book
[PF] 003:Gifts and the Benefits of Scholarship
[PF] 004:A Message and a Bottle
[PF] 005:Parting Gifts
[PF] 006:Longing
[PF] 007:Iridescence
[PF] 008:In Memorium
[PF] 009:Ernil i Pheriannath
[PF] 010:The King's Prayer
[PF] 011:Rowan Mine
[PF] 012:Decorum
[PF] 013:Of Courtship Rituals and Wizards
[PF] 014:Requesting Mercy
[PF] 015:Unbelief
[PF] 016:Whining
[PF] 017:A Luthien Within the Shire
[PF] 018:Light Thought Lost
[PF] 019:First Lessons in the Wild
[PF] 020:Fledged
[PF] 021:Tall Men with Stars on their Cloaks
[PF] 022:Evil Will Thwarted
[PF] 023:Gifts Go Round
[PF] 024:The Bearing of Burdens
[PF] 025:Conspirator's Yule
[PF] 026:O Merry Mine
[PF] 027:Merry's Wedding
[PF] 028:Mirror, Mirror
[PF] 029:Awakenings
[PF] 030:She Watches
[PF] 031:Raiding
[PF] 032:Vocabulary Lessons
[PF] 033:Don't Linger, Sweet Brother
[PF] 034:Once
[PF] 035:Jewels of Light
[PF] 036:The Light of Your Smile
[PF] 037:Contrast
[PF] 038:Reassurance
[PF] 039:Regrets
[PF] 040:Rejoicing with the Dawn
[PF] 041:Enemy Vanquished
[PF] 042:A Summer Night's Peace
[PF] 043:Concerning Walls
[PF] 044:Of Coins and Kittens
[PF] 045:Lack of Discretion
[PF] 046:The Ritual Disturbed
[PF] 047:The Perfect Gift
[PF] 048:In Defiance of the Dark
[PF] 049:Judgment and Healing
[PF] 050:A Storm of Glory
[PF] 051:New Quarters
[PF] 052:Home Is Where the Heart Is
[PF] 053:The Lost Restored
[PF] 054:By Ship or Grave
[PF] 055:The Birthday Blessing
[PF] 056:His Daily Bread
[PF] 057:The Extraordinary Son
[PF] 058:A New Life
[PF] 059:New-Fangled Ideas
[PF] 060:The Departure Observed
[PF] 061:In the Company of Heroes
[PF] 062:Meditations while Watching Fish
[PF] 063:Rebellion
[PF] 064:The Gaffer's Farewell
[PF] 065:Promises Made
[PF] 066:A Day to Celebrate
[PF] 067:Echoes
[PF] 068:To Honor the Princes
[PF] 069:The Shire's Soul
[PF] 070:Loss of the Light
[PF] 071:Failure of Duty
[PF] 072:Born to a New Age
[PF] 073:Vengeance is Reggie's
[PF] 074:Comfort Unexpected
[PF] 075:The Home of his Heart
[PF] 076:Full Circle
[PF] 077:Love's First Kiss
[PF] 078:Journey Divided
[PF] 079:The Transition
[PF] 080:All Topsy-turvy
[PF] 081:Honor Avenged
[PF] 082:Hearts Healed
[PF] 083:Leaving the Flock
[PF] 084:Worthwhile
[PF] 085:Change in Guard
[PF] 086:Just Desserts
[PF] 087:Last Comfort
[PF] 088:Probing
[PF] 089:Choice of Heirs
[PF] 090:Comfort Given
[PF] 091:Time Wasted?
[PF] 092:Visitation
[PF] 093:Questions of a Young Hobbit
[PF] 094:Shared Grief for a Fallen Brother
[PF] 095:The Gaffer's Watchdog
[PF] 096:“History Becomes Legend, and Legend Fades into Myth...”
[PF] 097:Greed
[PF] 098:A Yule Communion
[PF] 099:Marred Gifts
[PF] 100:Shall I Sing?
[PF] 101:Author's Notes
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