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Moments in Time
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The Birthday Blessing

My birthday mathom to all of you! Sam and I don't quite share the same day, although it's the same month....


The Birthday Blessing

April sixth having come again, the King had come forth at dawn itself to watch the miracle of the day. As Anor lifted her head above the Ephel Dúath the buds that had been building upon the White Tree began to open--first one, then three more, then six, then nine. He watched in great pleasure as by the moment more and more blossoms all about the tree opened themselves, filling the Court of the Tree with their marvelous scent, wondering if Samwise Gamgee knew how his friend liked to spend the morning of Sam’s birthday. He knew Frodo would approve.


In the Garden of the Tree of Tol Eressëa there was rejoicing as the day progressed. More and more blossoms seemed to be opening by the moment, and the Ringbearer was in a transport of delight, a delight gladly shared with the Elven children who had accompanied him here just ere dawn.

“Aragorn must be thrilled, if the Tree before the Citadel is blossoming even as is ours here,” he confided to young Livwen, who’d become one of his favorites among the young ones who seemed to follow him in droves. “As for Sam--he’d so love to see this glory!”


Rosie woke as the first light crept in through her bedroom window. She saw Sam was already up, and knew he was either out in the garden rejoicing in the day, or perhaps down already in the Party Field to watch the blooms upon the Lady’s Gift, as he commonly called the mallorn there, begin to open. Wondrous it is, she thought, how it always seems to bloom on my Sam’s birthday.

She rose and looked out the unshuttered window, peering downward. Yes, there he stood, reflecting the gold and silver glory of the tree. How Master Frodo must smile.


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