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 [11] Reviewer:Nargil Date:March 4, 2006 10:57 PM
Thank-you so much for not posting that on a college day, it would have been just my look to be reading it and burst out laughing when I am meant to be researching the formation of the European union or some other equally non-humorous subject.

"he had been unable to convince Andrahar to don one of Imrahilís spare circlets no matter the argument employed."

I can't quite decide which part is more entertaining, that Imrahil reutinley travles with spare circlets or the idea of Anra wearing one, good on you for getting him out of his uniform though, he sounds like he'd suit red.

"Andrahar spooned a huge dollop of it onto a lamb dish and dug in happily, without seeming to suffer any ill effects."

He finnaly got his Haradric dinner, go pepper sauce, love the idea of all the Gondorian's gagging and him scoffing everything in site, makes it worth geting dressed up for.

"Are the two of you lovers?Ē

I laughed for about 5 minutes straight, though at least Imri was honest. The idea of Nimrien reading the garden of love cover to cover was great, trust Imri to have been grossed out, but Nimrien isn't - she's so unpredictable, and she did get her kiss in the garden.

"When the truth finally hit him, his fist hit the door in response."

Andra's great, I never realised he could have such a sense of humour, though how much of that was the truth. Imri's willingness to step aside was also refreshing, as well as the fact he would still try with Andra, it shows he isn't as shallow as he can appear. Andra getting married is too funny for words, Nimrien would drive him up the wall talking about books, it's good they get on, Imri doesn't seem to do to well when he's torn between his woman and his friend.

Brilliant chapter as always

Keep writing,


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 [12] Reviewer:Altariel Date:March 6, 2006 6:03 PM
I am so glad to see a new chapter of this - go you! Short, but very sweet, with a dash of hot pepper sauce from Andra into the mix that is Imri and Nimrien (perhaps am I stretching that metaphor a bit far...). They are still young, really, and it is good to see them happy and enjoying each others' company.

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 [13] Reviewer:Dwim Date:March 7, 2006 6:46 AM
Found the link in the e-mail barrage and was too excited to put it off until later. I will take short chapters if it means you are working on this story again, and I did like the humor in this most recent episode.

Imrahil, Nimrien and Andrahar have that sparkle to them; despite Imri and Andra having been off to the warfront for quite some time, the weight of responsibility for a province and a kingdom hasn't yet taken its toll on them the way it will later. Andra's dissembling was very well done, and it makes one wonder what other jokes he's pulled straight-faced on Imrahil without ever letting on. Nimrien and he make a nice tactical team and I would love to see more of him interacting with her--I'm sure I've said this before, but nearly every other significant relationship we've seen him in has been with men, so it's novel to see him interacting with and apparently enjoying the company of women.

Nimrien seems to be moving closer towards accepting Imrahil's proposal, although she is perhaps still uncertain. I suppose a heavy talk would kill the romantic interest of the evening, but since it ended well, I was a little surprised she didn't at least give Imrahil a quick kiss or something. Maybe she really is still deciding whether she wants to be courted, despite confessing that she does love Imrahil.

Now, back to the salt mines with you--the story's not done yet! ;-)

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 [14] Reviewer:stefania Date:March 8, 2006 1:19 AM
I'm new to Ultimatums, so I just wanted to drop by and leave a comment on Chapter 1. Thanks for giving Imrahil a tale of his own. I'm a big fan myself and very interested in how the Prince of Dol Amroth's romance pans out.

The set up for Imrahil/Nimrien is excellent. Imri deserves to be cut down a peg. I suspect he never imagined that he would be turned down by a girl of lower rank because he's basically too arrogant for his clothes.

- Steff

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 [15] Reviewer:\ / Tania \ / Date:April 18, 2006 4:22 PM
Great story, I thought in the lastchapter they would end up having a 3-some, shame they didn't you could do it as a one shot like One Night in Captian my Captain.

I love all your characters, they are so diverse and so well developed. Is Andrahar actually from Lord of the Rings? I think I may have heard of him, or was he in the appendix?


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 [16] Reviewer:Christina Date:September 5, 2006 4:27 AM
Tapping my fingers in increasing impatience that this lovely story hasn't been updated. Pretty please?

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 [17] Reviewer:Denise Date:June 3, 2007 11:56 PM
Lovely writing, as always, Isabeau! This chapter left me with mingled hope and sadness.

I loved the humorous exchange between Adrahil and Andrahar. Even if we never see or hear more of their dinner together, it certainly was nice to get a glimpse of them growing ever closer with their father/son relationship. I wonder how Andrahar handled Adrahil's death; he must have been a big source of stability for Andra.

Andrahar's interaction with Boromir was wonderful - practical and practiced! Where did a confirmed bachelor manage to develop this skill? Although I suppose teaching esquires would do some of it. Since Imrahil pledged to make Andra an honorary uncle, I really hope that one day you will write about Andra with Imri's children when they are small, or even the first time he sees/holds Elphir? Imrahil's "sharing" of fatherhood must have meant so much to Andra.

I'm left wondering about the outcome of "civil wars" among a desert family; loving how you show the beginnings of Imrahil and Faramir's close relationship; and chilled and saddened by Finduilas's condition, and the vision of the day of Fin's death. I thought the revelation of her own special variety of the Dol Amroth gift (to her detriment) was an interesting and believable touch to understanding her extreme despair.

The references to Imrahil and Nimrien's courtship are wholly in passing this time, but telling... So now it's not Imrahil, but his position, that needs selling to Nimrien - I'm looking forward to how Imri manages it.

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 [18] Reviewer:**** Date:June 4, 2007 5:14 PM
You are such a VERY good writer.

I love these characters.

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 [19] Reviewer:Nargil Date:June 4, 2007 9:57 PM
Yay, more ultimatums, I certainly remember this fic.

I love Andra in this, it's a time of his life when he's grown up and confident but happy, I think in some of the later tails the reponsibility was getting him down, but here he's happy and secure, it's great to see him with Boromir, I love those tewo together however they meet.

Nim and Fin are both such perfect foils for Imri, together they will groom him into the prince he will one day become, I love how Fin says he needs to grow up, she's so sad but e needs to here it. i hope she find happiness in her home by the sea.

Imri is great with Faramir, he has no need to worry about how he will manage with his own children, I'll echo earlier comment's about wanting to see him and Andra with the cygnets. Faramir's early trust of him is so telling as well, you can see the relationship they have growing even now.

I hope your muse co-operates and we see more of this soon,


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 [20] Reviewer:Rebecca Date:June 5, 2007 11:05 PM
Hello Isabeau!

Great to see this story continued. I was very interested to see how Finduilas would be doing, and your portrayal of her is how I'd imagined her final years would be -- growing confusion and anxiety without ever really knowing if she was right to be concerned or if she was simply going mad. Not to the extreme of, say, Ingrid Bergman in Gaslight, but in that general direction.

Imrahil's bond with his young nephews is touching. All of the characters rang true for me in this chapter, including Denethor, poor man.

As always, reading an update of one of your stories is a real treat!

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