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 [21] Reviewer:Dwim Date:June 8, 2007 5:54 AM
Hmm, just when things look up, we get this very touching and worrisome scene between Finduilas and Imrahil. Very well-handled--Finduilas reads like someone hovering on the edge of something, and we know what. But the way it loops through Mordor, and the possibility that she, too, may have some version of the Dol Amroth gift that exacerbates matters, is very intriguing - the right amount of mystery and desperation, and just enough plausibility and control for her to get out of it without Imrahil truly the wiser for what's happening between her and Denethor.

So... next chapter?


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 [22] Reviewer: Date:June 8, 2007 6:02 PM
Another great chapter, Isabeau, though I have a question for you. Maybe I've not noticed it before because your Heth stories are in first person, but in the last few chapters of this story I noticed quite a few references to "the Heir" (for Imrahil) and other epithets that feel to me like they break POV. (I believe a couple for Andra, too.) I was just wondering about this choice, because they tend to throw me out of the story, somewhat -- if we're in Imrahil's POV, I think he thinks of himself as Imrahil and Andra as Andra, not as the Heir or the Captain. To me, that's more important than any sense of repetition (which I never tend to notice) so I was just curious.

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