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Grey Pilgrim, White Rider
Drama Rated:All
Six drabbles centring on Gandalf, written for the "Hairdressing" challenge prompts at LiveJournal's tolkien_weekly drabble community. (And yes, I did interpret the prompts somewhat laterally...)
Updated:July 3, 2011 Chapters:6 Words:644 Reviews: 2
Assorted Drabbles
General Serial Rated:All
Various drabbles (pieces of 100 words exactly, titles excluded)- mostly written for birthdays or challenges either over at the Henneth-Annun Story Archive (HASA) or the tolkienweekly community at LiveJournal...
Updated:June 10, 2011 Chapters:27 Words:3029 Reviews: 6
For This Relief Much Thanks
Humor Rated:All
In which Aragorn has a nasty moment, and Eldarion is insufferably cute. Triple-drabble for Altariel's birthday.

MEFA nominee 2010 (Award Main Category: Genres: Ficlet: Gondor)
Updated:December 13, 2010 Chapters:1 Words:291 Reviews: 1
Amid the Powers and Chances of the World
Romance Rated:Teens
"Men..should have a virtue to shape their lives, amid the powers and chances of the world, beyond the Music of the Ainur, which is as fate to all things else" (Quenta Silmarillion, Chapter 1). A mortal woman is brought to Rivendell for healing in the summer of 3018, and thus becomes entangled with both Men and Elves in the events of the War of the Ring. How will destiny and choice shape the lives of the two Kindreds?

This novel-length story travels from Rohan via Rivendell to Gondor and back again, twining itself in and out of the canon events of LoTR as it goes. Gap-filling, drama, humour, a dash of angst and - eventually - romance between the OFC protagonist and a canon character (so don't say you weren't warned!)

Rated Teens for,in later chapters, some fairly explicit descriptions of the aftermath of battle and for some (non-graphic) sexual content.

Thanks to the good offices of Altariel, e-book versions of the story are now available: .mobi here and .epub here.

Feedback will make me very happy - if even one reader in ten left a comment, that would make this author's day.
Updated:August 24, 2011 Chapters:51 Words:181713 Reviews: 5
The Gates of the Kingdom
General Rated:All
Some bonds are as strong as mithril or as steel. Twelve years after the defeat of Sauron, Gimli has a project and a deadline...

Written for the 3fan_holidays 2010 fic exchange (which had the general theme of "celebrations") for thrihyrne, who particularly requested Dwarves and/or Rohirrim.
Updated:January 1, 2011 Chapters:1 Words:1987 Reviews: 1
A Ranger's Carol
Poetry Rated:All
To the tune of "I wonder as I wander", for the 2003 H-A Carols Challenge.
Updated:February 15, 2011 Chapters:1 Words:159 Reviews: 0
Come, all ye Fellowship of Nine
Humor Rated:All
LoTR retold to a well-known festive Victorian tune. My only excuse for this twisted little tale is that it was a response to a H-A LoTR Holiday Carols Challenge...
Updated:February 15, 2011 Chapters:1 Words:610 Reviews: 0
After Such Knowledge
General Rated:All
While the battle rages on the Pelennor Field, the aged Keeper of Minas Tirith's House of Lore remembers the last time Mithrandir came to the White City and sought his help.

Mithril Awards 2003 - Finalist - Best New Author
Updated:February 15, 2011 Chapters:1 Words:1943 Reviews: 0
Favourite Rings
Humor Rated:All
Inspired (if that's the right word) by the July 2005 filkfest over on the H-A list, and by Dwim and Marta bribing my Terrible Comic Song Muse out of her slumber with cookies, curse them. Two filks of "My Favourite Things" from The Sound of Music.
Updated:February 15, 2011 Chapters:2 Words:509 Reviews: 1
Night and Fog
Drama Rated:Teens
"They reached the west-shores of Anduin a little north of Sarn Gebir, as they had trysted; and there received horses and raiment that were secretly ferried over the River." What a lad from the Eastemnet saw one night in July 3018 on the banks of the Anduin.
Updated:February 15, 2011 Chapters:1 Words:1845 Reviews: 0
International Legolas Month
Humor Rated:All
There is no excuse for this. Oh, all right, it was Marta's fault. (Though she's now trying to claim it was all Dwim's idea...) Over on the H-A list she declared June 2004 International Legolas Month, because of all the June birthdays who'd requested Legolas drabbles, and challenged anyone to write a fic incorporating the phrase. It's not quite a fic, but my Terrible Comic Song muse was roused from deepest slumber...
Updated:February 15, 2011 Chapters:1 Words:206 Reviews: 0
On the Bleak Morannon
Poetry Rated:All
Memories of standing before the Black Gate, on the bleak Morannon, long ago. To the tune of "In the Bleak Midwinter", for the 2003 H-A Carols Challenge.
Updated:February 15, 2011 Chapters:1 Words:177 Reviews: 0
Ithilien Tales (Vignettes from the Powers-verse)
Romance Serial Rated:Adult
A series of vignettes, one-shots and shorts from the fictional universe of my full-length story Amid the Powers and Chances of the World; for all those readers who wanted to know some of what happened to Rowanna and Legolas in the 120 years between the penultimate and final chapters of that story.

Each short story or vignette will be a chapter in the overall 'story'. Ratings will vary from chapter to chapter, but as some chapters will definitely be Adult, this will be the rating for the story as a whole.
Updated:December 21, 2012 Chapters:9 Words:28907 Reviews: 1
Ship Carol
Poetry Rated:All
I saw a ship come sailing in, to Avallonė, to Avallonė... For the H-A LoTR Holiday Carols challenge, a bit of happy fluff.
Updated:February 15, 2011 Chapters:1 Words:235 Reviews: 0
An Unexpected Party
General Rated:All
An eleventy-first birthday tribute to Professor J. R. R. Tolkien. Waking from a doze in the snug of his favourite Oxford pub, the Professor finds he has been joined unexpectedly by a few old friends...
Updated:February 15, 2011 Chapters:1 Words:2225 Reviews: 1
Seven Deadly Sins
Drama Rated:Teens
The Ring seeks to tempt each member of the Fellowship where It suspects they are weakest. A set of true drabbles, originally written for the Livejournal tolkien_weekly drabble community's Seven Deadly Sins challenge.
Updated:May 18, 2011 Chapters:8 Words:849 Reviews: 0
The Potter's Wheel
Action Serial Rated:Teens
Drabbles written for the LiveJournal tolkien_weekly "Potter's Wheel" challenge. Snapshots of battle and its aftermath during the War of the Ring.
Updated:June 10, 2011 Chapters:5 Words:524 Reviews: 0
Season of Gifts
Drabble Serial Rated:All
Drabbles written for the LiveJournal tolkien_weekly "Season of Gifts" challenge.
Updated:June 10, 2011 Chapters:5 Words:516 Reviews: 0
Bilbo and the Fell Beasts
General Serial Rated:All
Six true drabbles, focused on Bilbo, written for the LiveJournal tolkien_weekly "Fell Beasts" prompts.
Updated:June 21, 2011 Chapters:6 Words:648 Reviews: 0
To Show His Quality
Drama Rated:Teens
Six drabbles centred on Faramir during and after the Ring War: originally written for the Livejournal tolkien_weekly "Summer Sports" challenge.
Updated:August 17, 2011 Chapters:6 Words:631 Reviews: 3
Let There Be Light
Drama Rated:All
The story of the standard Arwen wove for Aragorn, and its journey with Halbarad from Rivendell to Minas Tirith. Ten true drabbles originally written for the LiveJournal tolkien_weekly "Let There Be Light" challenge prompts.
Updated:January 5, 2012 Chapters:10 Words:1068 Reviews: 1
The Road Goes Ever On
General Rated:All
Bilbo's journey, after the events of A Long-Expected Party, from Bag End to Rivendell: six drabbles originally written for the LiveJournal tolkien_weekly "Transactions" prompts.
Updated:February 13, 2012 Chapters:6 Words:631 Reviews: 0
Lost in Translation
Humor Rated:All
Over at tolkien_weekly on LiveJournal, a drabble of mine about Bilbo's arrival in Rivendell prompted the brilliant comment from Dreamflower that "My own headcanon is that the "Tra-la-lally" was Bilbo's misinterpretation of whatever the Elves were actually singing in Sindarin (which he would not have known at the time) so he just made up words to fit what he thought he was hearing."

Since the "Tra-la-la-lally" song from The Hobbit has always driven me round the bend, this suggestion was not only sanity-saving but attached a very silly nuzgul firmly to my ankle, resulting in this...
Updated:February 16, 2012 Chapters:1 Words:742 Reviews: 0

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