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Children of Men
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Chapter One

Disclaimer: You know that I don’t own this! Why must I torture myself by saying it over and over again?

A/N: Okay, I know that Eldarion is really the son of Aragorn and Arwen and that Elfwine is the son of Éomer and Lothiriel, and I am guessing that they would be around the same age. Also, I know that Faramir and Éowyn had a son, but I according to my information, his name is not known; therefore, I will say that his name is Turgon, named after Faramir’s great-grandfather and the grandfather of Eä rendil. I am also saying that they have a daughter named Lauriel. (I really tried to find a woman of Rohan to name her after, but the only one other than Éowyn and Theodwyn that was mentioned was Helm’s sister Hild, and I didn’t like that name.) As for Aragorn and Arwen’s daughters, who are unnamed in the appendixes, I have made them twins, because twins run in Arwen’s family, and named them Elenwë and Elwing, named after two of Aragorn and Arwen’s mutual ancestors . They are about the same age as Lauriel. The boys and the girls are about five years apart. I have tried to keep this as close to canon as possible. Please review and tell me what you think!

Children of Men

Chapter 1

The thirteen-year-old Princess Elwing of Gondor and Arnor scowled as she looked upon the city of Edoras. Why did their parents have to drag her and Elenwë along to Elfwine’s coming of age? Wasn’t it enough that they had to endure both Eldarion’s and Turgon’s? Sure it was amusing to watch all of the ladies of the court fawn over Eldarion in hopes of winning his favor, but it nearly drove Elenwë crazy to see the same done to Turgon. Elwing did not want the same to happen to her. She valued her control of her own life and was afraid that the sight of Elfwine surrounded by other women would make her lose that control.

“What’s wrong, nin riel?” King Elessar asked as he surveyed his oldest twin daughter. She was usually a pillar of strength, showing no outward sign of distress or worry. To see her in such a state of obvious anguish caused his protective nature to flare up.

“Nothing, Ada,” she replied, hoping her father would let it go even though he knew that she was lying.

“Elwing, you are young. Do not despair if the love you believe you feel now is unrequited. You will have all the time in the world,” Aragorn said, rightly guessing the reason for her mood. “Besides, you know that I will not allow any suitors to court you or your sister until you turn eighteen.”

“Ada, that is so unfair!” Elenwë protested, jumping into the conversation. “All the other lords allow their daughters to be courted at the age of sixteen!”

“Their daughters aren’t the princesses of Gondor and Arnor. And not all the other lords. Faramir has imposed the same edict on his daughter Lauriel,” their father pointed out. “And since you three are such good friends, you can be miserable together.” He laughed aloud at the scowls of displeasure on their identical faces. They looked so much like their mother, whereas their brother resembled himself. He knew that his daughters would be sore over his rule, but he really did it to ensure their well being. He knew that some of the lords of the court would assert themselves upon his daughters in hopes of elevating their status in his eyes, and he wished to spare the two of them the turmoil of politics.

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Lauriel pushed her golden hair out of her face once again as the wind caught it. She was bored. There was no one here to talk to! Well, there was her mother and father and her Uncle Éomer and Aunt Lothiriel, but they were no fun. There was her brother Turgon, but he was too wrapped up in Elfwine’s upcoming celebration to pay her any mind. And then there was Eldarion, who had ridden ahead of his family with them. Of course, he was no help either. He actually made things worse. Every time he said a kind word, it only made it worse when he ignored her in favor of her cousin and brother. Add to everything the fact that she couldn’t go off anywhere without at least two guards and one would understand her state of agitation.

Of course, she wouldn’t dare allow her troubles to be known to anyone. They were all having such a good time, and she didn’t want to spoil everything. She gazed longingly over the hills of Rohan. How she wished that Elwing and Elenwë would hurry up and get here!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

“Well, cousin, how are you faring knowing that you are going to be swarmed by dozens of maidens come your birthday?” Turgon inquired playfully.

Elfwine glared at him. “About as well as you were before your coming of age.”

Turgon winced at the memory. “Must you bring up such painful memories? I’m just thankful I only have to go through that once.”

“Aye, I remember your expression,” Eldarion recalled with a smile. “You looked like you were being forced to drink curdled milk with a smile on your face, and then every so often you would scowl darkly. It was actually quite hilarious.”

“Well, I certainly weren’t thinking of entertaining you at the time. Actually, the scowls weren’t directed toward the annoying ladies around me,” he said. “I couldn’t help but notice the looks some of the men kept throwing at my sister, and yours if I remember correctly.”

The smile faded from the prince’s face. “You remember correctly. I myself clearly call to mind those stares. I am glad that father will not allow any suitors to court them until they turn eighteen,” Eldarion said thoughtfully.

“That does not stop the men from looking,” Elfwine observed. “And I have also seen how they look upon them as if they were slabs of meat. However, I’m sure that those three can take care of themselves. And there’s no use worrying about the matter. It will be five years before any man will be able to get close to them!”

“Aye, and for that I’m very grateful,” Turgon said seriously.


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