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Children of Men
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Chapter Two

I've had people tell me the name of Faramir's son and where it could be found. I do not have the book where they found it, I wish I did. I do, however, have a book with the family tree of the lords of men. There is a question mark in the place of the name of his son and then a line leading down to Barahir. I have no doubt that the information provided to me by others is correct, but it would be too much of a hassle to go through and replace the name. Especially since I name one of the twins Elenwe because the elf for which she is named was the wife of Turgon and mother of Earendil. Sorry if this makes you upset.


Disclaimer: See Chapter 1.

A/N: Disappointed at the lack of reviews, but certainly not discouraged. I’m going to write this story whether it’s read or not! But I’m hoping someone will read it! I’m trying to write off the lack of response as posting at a bad time or a terrible summary. Why am I even bothering writing an author’s note if I know that no one is going to read it? On with the story!

Children of Men

Chapter 2

Lauriel beamed at the new arrivals. She dropped a quick curtsy to King Elessar and Queen Arwen before dashing to Elwing and Elenwë. The three of them talked in hush tones before quickly excusing themselves. Arwen smiled as she watched them go.

“I’m so glad they have each other,” she said. “I remember being so lonely when I was young because there was no girl my age around. I had my brothers, and occasionally Legolas, but there was no female companion to cause mischief with.”

“Well, they won’t have that problem,” Aragorn observed. “I’m afraid that they’ll cause more mischief than Elladan and Elrohir ever did.”

“It is said that your children are payback for what you put your parents through,” Arwen said thoughtfully. “Maybe you shouldn’t have made Ada worry so much when you were that age.”

“Me? I was the perfect child,” Aragorn said innocently. “Now come, I’m sure the others are waiting on us.”

“After you, my lord.”


The day had finally come. After much dread and anxiety, the eighteenth birthday of Prince Elfwine of Rohan had finally come. Elwing fidgeted anxiously in her formal gown as the entire room waited for Elfwine to appear.

“Announcing his Royal Highness, Elfwine, Crown Prince of Rohan!”

Deafening applause resounded throughout the hall as Elfwine took his place beside his father. Éomer King then stood.

“I have invited you all here on this special night to celebrate my son’s coming of age. On this day he takes up his rightful place as Second Marshall of the Riddermark and my heir. Let us all drink now to his health! To Prince Elfwine, long may he ride!”

“To Prince Elfwine!” the crowd cheered, raising their glasses and drinking.

“Thank you, father!” Elfwine spoke up. “I will do my best to serve Rohan and her people!”

“Of which, I have no doubt!” Éomer replied. “And now, let the celebration begin!”

Elwing looked on brokenhearted as Elfwine danced with every lady that approached him. She knew she shouldn’t let it get to her, knew that he couldn’t dance with her because her father would not permit it. And why would he want to dance with her anyway? She was five years his junior. He would never reciprocate her feelings. So why did she torture herself by watching him dance with each maiden vying for his affection?

“Do not watch, sister,” Elenwë whispered into her ear. “It will only increase your sorrow. Come, there is no reason to stay. Father has excused us since he will not allow any to dance with us. Lord Faramir has excused Lauriel as well. We don’t have to sit here and look on with broken hearts.”

Elwing nodded and vowed that she would not let her feelings for Elfwine show. She took one last look at him and then followed after her sister.


“I hate these kinds of parties!” Elenwë exclaimed as she tore off her party gown and donned her nightgown. “They’re all the same! Filled with stuffy lords and ladies who don’t know how to have fun! And to make things worse, our overprotective fathers won’t even let us dance! Why do they insist that we go at all if we can’t partake in the one form of entertainment there is?!?”

“Oh, stop your ranting!” Lauriel cried. “I know you’re upset about seeing Turgon dancing with other girls, but think about how your sister must feel!”

Elenwë’s eyes filled with sympathy. “Oh, Elwing, I’m sorry! I know it’s difficult to see the one you love with someone else, we both do. Tell me what I can do for you to make it easier.”

Elwing took a deep breath and squared her shoulders defiantly. “I am fine. Why should I care who Elfwine dances with? It matters not to me. But how are you faring after seeing my brother tonight, Lauriel?”

“Stop trying to change the subject, Elwing! How can you be fine? You love him,” Elenwë asked.

“That kind of love is a frivolous thing and means nothing!” Elwing stated vehemently.

“That’s not true and you know it!” Elenwë shot back.

“It is so! Now, if you two will excuse me, I am going to bed!” she said, before walking out of Elenwë’s room and into her own. As she lay down in bed, she allowed the tears she had been holding in to slowing slip down her cheeks.


Over the next few days, the three usually inseparable girls were strangely distant to each other. Elwing was ashamed at herself for blowing up at her sister like she did. She knew that she said some things that she didn’t mean but wasn’t quite ready to let her twin see how much pain she was in over Elfwine. Elenwë, likewise, knew that she had been harsh on her sister. She knew that Elwing was used to being the strong one, the emotionally stable one. She should have been more considerate of her insecurity. Poor Lauriel didn’t know what to do. She loved both of them as if they were her sisters. How could she take sides? She should have prevented the fight. She knew that she probably could have, but she didn’t want to interfere where she was not wanted.

Lauriel sighed as she gazed upon the last sunset in Edoras she would see until her next visit. Today was their last day at the Golden Hall of Meduseld. She would part company with Elwing and Elenwë and head toward Ithilien with her family. They would go to Minas Tirith with their family. She would hate to leave them without this matter being resolved.

“What’s wrong, golden one?”

She smiled as her brother sat beside her. “Nothing.”

“Don’t lie to me, Lauriel,” Turgon said. “I know something happened between you, Elwing, and Elenwë.”

“They had a fight and I can’t take sides! I can’t do anything!” she said sadly.

Turgon frowned. “A fight? That doesn’t sound like them. What was it about?”

Lauriel looked down at her hands. “I can’t say.”

Turgon sighed when he realized she wouldn’t say anymore. “Fine. My advice to you is to be patient. I’m sure they will come around.”

“I hope so.”


Aragorn knocked on his daughter’s door and waited. When she allowed him entrance, he opened the door and closed it behind him.

“Elwing, what is wrong?” he asked in concern.

“What do you mean, Ada?” she asked, not wanting to answer.

“You know what I mean, young lady,” he answered. “You know you can tell me anything.”

Elwing sighed. “Elenwë and I had a fight.”

“Ah, and what was this fight about?” he asked, sitting down beside her on the bed.

“I lied to her about my feelings and said something I didn’t mean,” Elwing admitted.

“I see,” Aragorn said. “And why haven’t you apologized yet?”

“Because I don’t want to admit my feelings! They make me weak! I hate that!” she cried.

“Oh, Elwing,” her father said, gathering her into his arms. “Showing your feelings doesn’t make you weak. Do you think I am weak for showing my feelings?”

“Of course not!” she exclaimed. “You’re the strongest person I know!”

“Then why should showing your emotions make you weak?” Aragorn asked.

She pulled out of his embrace and smiled. “Thank you, Ada. I need to go find Elenwë and ask her to forgive me.”

“Go, nin riel,” he said, kissing her forehead. “And don’t forget what I said.”

“I won’t, Ada.”


“Elenwë!” Elwing called breathlessly, running to catch up with her sister. “Elenwë, wait!” She finally caught up with her. “Elenwë, I’m sorry! I didn’t mean it! I didn’t mean any of it!”

Elenwë threw her arms around her twin. “I know! I know! And I’m sorry for not being more considerate of your feelings!”

“Nay, sister, you have naught to be sorry for,” Elwing protested. “I am the one— ”

“It doesn’t matter,” Elenwë interrupted. “You are forgiven. Let us go find Lauriel and tell her the good news. I’m afraid we’ve both been somewhat distant to her as of late.”

“Aye, let us spend our last evening in Edoras together!”



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