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A horse person and lover of wide-open spaces, cohabitating with spouse, border collies, cats, books, and copious house plants. Just a wordsmith, hammering on the good metal forged by others truly gifted ...

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The Last Grey Ship
Drama Rated:All
The voice of the Sea merely whispers, until the reasons to stay pass on. Aragorn's days are ending, and Gimli faces more farewells as Legolas looks to the West. How the story may have ended. Book-based.
* 2005 One Ring Awards: Best Fan Fiction * 2004 MEFAs: 1st Place post WOTR Drama, Turin Turambar Award * 2003 Mithril Awards Commended : Best Fourth Age and Beyond * 2003 My Precious Awards Nominee
Updated:May 18, 2018 Chapters:3 Words:8831 Reviews: 1
Drama Rated:All
A dwarf, a cave and a claustrophobic elf. Wherein Gimli and Legolas venture into the Crystal Caves of Aglarond at war's end and Legolas is lost for words.
*2004 MEFAs: 1st Place LOTR Story, FOTR Award. * 2003 Mithril Award Winner. * Gathering of the Fellowship Toronto 2003 Writing Awards: 1st Place Prose Fiction (tied)
Updated:May 18, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:2697 Reviews: 2
The Lion and The Swan
Poetry Rated:All
A poem of Eomer of Rohan, from musings by his bride, Lothiriel of Dol Amroth.
* Gathering of the Fellowship Toronto 2003 Writing Awards: 1st Place Lyric Poetry
Updated:May 18, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:449 Reviews: 1
Poetry Rated:All
A boy, a horse, a desperate ride: A tale from the Riddermark and their long fight against Shadow.
* Gathering of the Fellowship Toronto 2003 Writing Awards: 2nd Place Narrative Poetry
Updated:May 18, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:480 Reviews: 0
Turning of the Page
Drama Rated:All
A letter from Eomer Eadig, King of Rohan to Aragorn, King of Gondor and Arnor, near the time of his death. Eomer reflects on friends and deeds and memories of the past.
Updated:May 18, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:1177 Reviews: 1
Keeping the Watch
Drama Rated:All
The Bounders kept watch on the borders of the Shire, for strange things moved in the land. Yet the hobbits did not keep their vigil alone. An encounter on a winter day.
Updated:May 18, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:1116 Reviews: 1
Tales of the Hunter
Drama Rated:All
Even in Middle Earth there were mothers behind the heroes. Here is the mother of a Ranger of the Northern Dunedain, as her son grows into his heritage. COMPLETE.
Updated:May 18, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:2587 Reviews: 0
Close Enough To Touch
Drama Rated:All
Eomer and Firefoot face an unexpected encounter, where teamwork between horse and man is literally life or death. COMPLETE! (Written for HA '6-Legged Race' challenge.)
Updated:May 18, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:2114 Reviews: 0
Marriage of Souls
Romance Rated:All
EOMER of Rohan is now King of the Riddermark, and he must make a very special decision. Will he follow his heart, or must duty dictate his choice? (NO slash) COMPLETE.
(Repost of a 2003 story.)
Updated:May 18, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:1283 Reviews: 3
Weeping Iron Tears
Drama Rated:All
Aragorn remembers his kinsman Halbarad, who fell in battle upon the Pelannor Field. Semi-companion to "Among the Fields of Green." (Vignette)
(Repost of early 2004 story.)
Updated:May 18, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:531 Reviews: 0
Among The Fields of Green
Drama Rated:All
Elfhelm of Rohan remembers the death of Theodred, son of Theoden at the battle for the Fords of Isen. Semi-companion to "Weeping Iron Tears." (Vignette.)
(Repost of early 2004 story)
Updated:May 18, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:534 Reviews: 0
To Hope's End
General Rated:All
A Rohirrim warrior on the Pelannor Field bears witness to the Witch King's fall, and from it draws his own grim courage. A vignette.
Updated:May 18, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:788 Reviews: 1
General Rated:Teens
A dark vignette from the POV of some of Middle-earth's less favored creatures.
Updated:May 18, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:170 Reviews: 3
Ashes, East Winds, Hope That Rises
Drama Rated:All
Eomer - as seen through his eyes - the peril of Rohan, the duplicity of the Wormtongue, and the coming of hope to the Riddermark.

* 2004 MEFAs: 3rd Place LOTR Drama, Nimrodel and Amroth Award. * 2003 Mithril Awards Finalist : Best Story Focusing on Men : Best Drama
Updated:May 18, 2018 Chapters:4 Words:19767 Reviews: 0
Romance Rated:All
The Rohirrim and the Sea, or, how Eomer is just a bit foolish over love whilst his father-in-law-to-be looks on. Just a bit of fun to appease an errant muse.
Updated:May 18, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:859 Reviews: 2
The End of Hope
Drama Rated:All
The Dawnless Day has fallen and the Rohirrim ride to Gondor's aid. But for each who marches to battle there are those who wait behind ...
Updated:May 18, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:1099 Reviews: 1

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