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Stories of Strider
Author:Linda Hoyland 
Rating:All Genre:General
Chapters: 58 Word Count: 97536
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A collection of ficlets originally posted on the AA list now extended and polished.

A companion series to Tales of Telcontar focussing on Aragorn's adventures before he became king.

Two of these ficlets are co-authored with Raksha the Demon

A mixture of angst,fluff,humour and drama.

Further characters and catagories will be added together with the stories
Third Age
Aragorn II 'Strider' Elessar, Arwen Evenstar, Denethor II, Gilraen, Halbarad
[PF] 01:Drawing the Eye
[PF] 02:No Hope for Myself
[PF] 03:Good King of Cats
[PF] 04:Stranger at the Gates
[PF] 05:Yavanna's Gift
[PF] 06:Pride of Place
[PF] 07:Only Human
[PF] 08:A Disgrace to Gondor
[PF] 09:A Seal upon thine Heart
[PF] 10:The Gift of Foresight
[PF] 11:A Mother's Hope
[PF] 12:Beneath the Birches
[PF] 13:More than Meets the Eye
[PF] 14:Ranger,Ringbearer and Resolution
[PF] 15:Coming of Agre
[PF] 16:Voice in the Night
[PF] 17:A Proper Man for Summer
[PF] 18:The Elven Way
[PF] 19:Great Expectations
[PF] 20:Beneath the midsummer Moon
[PF] 21:The Best Laid Schemes
[PF] 22:In Need of a Wife
[PF] 23:August in Bree
[PF] 23:Decisions
[PF] 24:Amidst the Ruins
[PF] 25:The Hardest Battle
[PF] 26:The Gift of Tongues
[PF] 27:Full of Surprises
[PF] 28:A sad tale's Best for Winter
[PF] 29:Full of Surprises
[PF] 30:Strange Meeting
[PF] 31: Not like Lúthien
[PF] 32:Blood in the Snow
[PF] 33:Hope in midwinter
[PF] 34:Protectors
[PF] 35:For the Beauty of the Earth
[PF] 36:Under Elbereth's Stars
[PF] 37:Somewhat grim to look Upon
[PF] 38:An Unexpected Letter
[PF] 39:Call me Thorongil
[PF] 40:Shadows of Memory
[PF] 41:Twists of Fate
[PF] 42:Fire in the Blood
[PF] 43:The Accused
[PF] 44:Midsummer Magic
[PF] 45:Release
[PF] 46:The ties that Bind
[PF] 47:Men for all Seasons
[PF] 48:Voices in the Mist
[PF] 49:The Stuff of Life
[PF] 50:Desert Skies
[PF] 51:A Stranger in a Strange Land
[PF] 52:Room at the Inn
[PF] 53:The Rod and the Crown
[PF] 54:Arandur
[PF] 55:The Undiscovered Country
[PF] 56:The Way through the Woods
[PF] 57:Candle of Hope
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