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Tales of Telcontar
Author:Linda Hoyland 
Rating:All Genre:General
Chapters: 146 Word Count: 243362
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A collection of ficlets mostly written for the AA list weekly challenges, now extended and polished.

A mixture of angst,fluff,humour and drama.

Further characters will be added together with the stories

With thanks to Raksha for her editorial work, Deandra for suggesting the title and Michelle for the prompts that inspired these stories.

New - Sailing Stormy Waters
Fourth Age
Aragorn II 'Strider' Elessar, Arwen Evenstar, Eldarion, …owyn, Faramir son of Denethor II, Imrahil, Meriadoc 'Merry' Brandybuck, Peregrin 'Pippin' Took I
[PF] 001:Morning has Broken
[PF] 002:All through the Night
[PF] 003:Music hath Charms
[PF] 004:The Gift of Dawn
[PF] 005:Partners in Crime
[PF] 006:Let Sleeping Kings Lie
[PF] 007:Winter Wonderland
[PF] 008:More Haste,Less Speed
[PF] 009:The Vase that was Broken
[PF] 010:Playing with Fire
[PF] 011:A Dainty Dish
[PF] 012:A Price above Rubies
[PF] 013:Seeking the Sun
[PF] 014:Hunger and sleepiness recur
[PF] 015:A bush supposíd a bear!
[PF] 016:Enough is equal to a feast
[PF] 017:The child that is not clean and neat
[PF] 018:If after every tempest come such calms
[PF] 019:Roses have Thorns
[PF] 020:Love never fails
[PF] 021:Star of wonder
[PF] 022:The Gate of the Year
[PF] 023:Strong and of good courage
[PF] 024:Out of the Depths Part One
[PF] 025:By the River
[PF] 026:A Day at the Houses
[PF] 027:Hunting the Dragon
[PF] 028:The Silver Tree
[PF] 029:Waters of Life
[PF] 030:A Gift For Faramir
[PF] 031:Before it was Broken
[PF] 032:Be Fruitful and Muliply
[PF] 033:A Sting in the Tale
[PF] 034:The Family Tree
[PF] 035:Gone Fishing Part one
[PF] 036:Three Wise Men
[PF] 037:Gone Fishing Part Two
[PF] 038:Where the Stars are Strange?
[PF] 039:Lingering Shadows
[PF] 040:Faithful Friend
[PF] 041:Stillness
[PF] 042:From Riches to rags
[PF] 043:Through all the Changing Scenes of Life
[PF] 044:Autre temps, autre moeurs (Other days,other ways)
[PF] 045:Through all the Changing Scenes of Life
[PF] 046:How the Mighty are Fallen
[PF] 047:After the Battle
[PF] 048:The Price of Sacrifice
[PF] 049:East is East - Part One
[PF] 050:East is East - Part two
[PF] 051:Awakening
[PF] 052:A Father's Duty
[PF] 053:The Colour of Love
[PF] 054:The Omen
[PF] 055:The Dark Tower
[PF] 056:Let their be Light
[PF] 057:Sing for your Supper
[PF] 058:Song of Hope
[PF] 059:The First Feast
[PF] 060:Manners Maketh Man
[PF] 061:The Sacrifice
[PF] 062:Smoke gets in your Eyes
[PF] 063:Shelter from the Storm
[PF] 064:The Light Bearer
[PF] 065:The Revenger's Tragedy
[PF] 066:Higher, Faster, Stronger
[PF] 067:Sailing Stormy Waters
[PF] 068:The Brightest Star
[PF] 069:Of Ancestors and Toothache
[PF] 070:Warmth and Comfort
[PF] 071:Nightmares with Nightshirts
[PF] 072:A Secret Garden
[PF] 073:Beneath the Stars of Elendil
[PF] 074:Wars and Rumours of War
[PF] 075:Starlight Rapture
[PF] 076:Grace Bestowed
[PF] 077:Oaths of Allegiance
[PF] 078:The Scent of Home
[PF] 079:Changes of Fortune
[PF] 080:The Greatest Sacrifice
[PF] 081:Living Flame
[PF] 082:Brothers of the Tribe
[PF] 083:Cat-astrophe
[PF] 084:Too long a Sacrifice
[PF] 085:Too long a Sacrifice - part 2
[PF] 087:Too long a Sacrifice - part 3
[PF] 088:Leaves from the Past
[PF] 089:The Salt of the Earth
[PF] 090:Too long a Sacrifice - part 4
[PF] 091:The Cat's Tail
[PF] 092:Too long a Sacrifice - part 5
[PF] 093:Too long a Sacrifice - part 6
[PF] 094:The Shieldmaiden Unleashed
[PF] 095:Stairway to Heaven
[PF] 096:Silver Threads
[PF] 097:Too long a Sacrifice - part 7
[PF] 098:Of Palantiri and Paper Towns
[PF] 099:Sea Longing
[PF] 100:A Magic Deeper Still
[PF] 101:Too long a Sacrifice - part 8
[PF] 102:An Unexpected Welcome
[PF] 103:Bread of Life
[PF] 104:Star of the North
[PF] 105:The King's Holiday
[PF] 106:Messin' about on the River
[PF] 107:Crown and Sceptre
[PF] 108:Pondweed and Perfume
[PF] 109:The Hawk and the Horselord
[PF] 110:Many Names and Guises
[PF] 111:The Steward's Blessing
[PF] 112:An Unfortunate series of Events
[PF] 113:The Reluctant Scholar
[PF] 114:An Accidental Arrow
[PF] 115:Keeping Cool
[PF] 116:The Time That is Given
[PF] 117:Relief
[PF] 118:Seasons of the Ring
[PF] 119:The Shining Path of Peace
[PF] 120:Sights Best Left Unseen
[PF] 121:Foreboding
[PF] 122:If Winter Comes
[PF] 123:A Quiet Nook
[PF] 124:I do
[PF] 125:Many a Slip
[PF] 126:A Tale of Two Dragons
[PF] 127:Fit for a Queen
[PF] 128:Hunter and Hunted
[PF] 129:When All other Lights go Out
[PF] 130:The Perils of Fame
[PF] 131:Learning to Love
[PF] 132:The Distant Shore
[PF] 133:Eternal Day
[PF] 134:The Oak's Secret
[PF] 135:O, Beauty
[PF] 136:The Man behind the King
[PF] 137:Under the Shadow of this Red Rock
[PF] 138:By my Loss
[PF] 139:Silken Peril
[PF] 140:Wedding Bell Blues
[PF] 141:Wealth and Want
[PF] 142:Burning the Midnight Oil
[PF] 143:Circles of The City
[PF] 144:Stirrups and Stitches
[PF] 145:Finding the Way
[PF] 146:Curiosity killed the Cat
[PF] 147:Of Bakers and Bears
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