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Guardian of the Golden Wood
Rating:All Genre:Action
Chapters: 19 Word Count: 55897
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Gandalf learns of a deathless and nameless horror that haunts the Misty Mountains. Driven by a suspicion about an ancient evil, that was lost long ago, he desires to unveil the mystery. With the unwilling help of Haldir, the Captain of Laurelindórean, he embarks upon a dangerous and dark quest, that will lead him from the hights of the Misty Mountains into the depths of the pits of the Necromancer in Dol Guldur.
Third Age
Celeborn - Elf, Galadriel, Gandalf, Haldir, Legolas Greenleaf, Original Female Character - OFC
[PF] 01:Prologue - The Elfling
[PF] 02:Chapter 1 - Mischief and Distraction
[PF] 03:Chapter 2 - Galadriel's Challenge
[PF] 04:Chapter 3 - The Mystery of the Misty Mountains
[PF] 05:Chapter 4 - Celebrian's Premonitions
[PF] 06:Chapter 5 - Celeborn's Suspicions
[PF] 07:Chapter 6 - The Captain's Confession
[PF] 08:Chapter 7 - The Matters of a Wizard
[PF] 09:Chapter 8 - Mithrandir's Torment
[PF] 10:Chapter 9 - Galadriel's Mirror
[PF] 11:Chapter 10 - The Parting
[PF] 12:Chapter 11 - A most surprising discovery
[PF] 13:Chapter 12 - The Doom of the Noldor
[PF] 14:Chapter 13 - A Memory of Valinor
[PF] 15:Chapter 14 - Alcarinque
[PF] 16:Chapter 15 - Memories
[PF] 17:Chapter 16 – The Lord of the Nazgūl
[PF] 18:Chapter 17 - Shadows Rising
[PF] 19:Chapter 18 Ungoliant's Spawn
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