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Stirring Rings
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Chapters: 40 Word Count: 212989
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Five were sent to teach and cajole, but one thought to rule, causing contention amongst the Istari. The making (and breaking) of Wizards.

Beta by Fiondil.
Third Age
Amroth, Arwen Evenstar, Celeborn - Elf, Celebrían, Círdan the Shipwright, Dúnedain, Elrohir, Elrond, Elves, Gandalf, Gondorians, Hobbits, Maglor, Maiar, Manwë, Nimrodel, Radagast, Saruman, Tom Bombadil, Valar
[PF] 01:Prologue
[PF] 02:Debate in Valinor
[PF] 03:Marching Orders
[PF] 04:Voyage
[PF] 05:Choices Made
[PF] 06:Journey Begun
[PF] 07:Arrivals
[PF] 08:Competition
[PF] 09:The Coming of the Periannath
[PF] 10:A Friend Among Hobbits
[PF] 11:The Free Peoples Meet in Council
[PF] 12:Kin-strife
[PF] 13:The Taste of the Enemy
[PF] 14:The Granting of the Shire
[PF] 15:Journey North
[PF] 16:Call to Council
[PF] 17:Fireworks and Protocol
[PF] 18:Seeking Cooperation
[PF] 19:Fighting Fire with Fire
[PF] 20:Wainriders
[PF] 21:Royal Marriage
[PF] 22:Gondor Loses her King
[PF] 23:A Crown in Question
[PF] 24:The Deep Breath Before the Plunge
[PF] 25:The Siege of Fornost
[PF] 26:The Battle of the Queen's Tower
[PF] 27:Angmar Bested
[PF] 28:The Flight of Nimrodel
[PF] 29:Terror Released
[PF] 30:A Find Amidst the Mountains
[PF] 31:Kingless is Crown
[PF] 32:Seeking to Answer Questions of Identity
[PF] 33:The Watchful Peace
[PF] 34:The Return of the Shadow
[PF] 35:Galadriel Calls for a Council
[PF] 36:Rumors of Evil Returning to the Deep Places
[PF] 37:Evil in Ascendance
[PF] 38:Claiming Wergild
[PF] 39:Darkness beneath the Mountains
[PF] 40:Failure to Heal
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