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Journey out of Darkness
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Index of Original Characters

Warning: These lists may contain spoilers.

Part I

Greenjade--Eldest son of Anemone, wife of Frodo Baggins, sent back from the Halls of Mandos at Frodo's intercession
Nildė--Radagast's dog
Rusco--a finch
Nell Partridge--an attractive young woman Greenjade meets on his journey
Bob Partridge--Nell's father
Carrie Partridge--Nell's aunt
Ralf, Clark, Robin, and Gil Partridge--Nell's brothers
Lila, Reena, Sally, and Jennie Partridge--their wives
Gilda and Gwynlen--Robin's 12-year-old twin daughters
Chip, Linnet, Ned, Chad, Delia, Meg, Trilla, Ollie--other children of Nell's brothers
Jem Whitflor--Nell's cousin and fiancee, a war veteran
Rosa Whitflor--Jem's mother who is dying of cancer
Aunt Bertie--Rosa's sister
Maisy and Cal--village children who befriend Smeagol
Nic--their brother
Tater--their dog
Mrs. Hazelbrock--their neighbor
Floria--mayor's spoiled daughter and nemesis of Maisy
Ned--a musician
Betony, Lu, and Viola--friends of Nell
Harry--Nell's lover who was killed in battle
Captain Skinney--a garrulous former seafarer
Gert--his wife
Toby Oddermilk--a villager and admirer of Nell
Tam Goodfellow--an innkeeper, Nell's employer
Mistress Sykes--a nosy neighbor
Dirk--another innkeeper
Addison--Dirk's son
Reggie and Bill--two drunkards
Ben, Cal, Burman, Willy, Dan--disabled war veterans
Granny--an elderly healer, midwife and herbalist
Butterfly and Blossom Feets--two kittens
Anson--Bob Partridge's nephew
Garland--Greenjade's former mate, sent back at Frodo's request
Anemone--a sea-maid, Greenjade's mother and wife of Frodo
Northlight, Fairwind, Moonrise, Embergold, Ebbtide, Nightingale, Gloryfall--Greenjade's siblings
Raven--adopted daughter of Frodo and Anemone, later wife of Northlight
Guilin--her brother
Calanon--friend of Greenjade's brothers
Thundercloud, Hailstorm, Brightspear, Rainbow--Greenjade's children, killed in uprising
Samwise--Jennie's newborn son
Harry--Nell's son by Greenjade
Lark--Robin's and Sally's daughter

Part II

Baran--a donkey
Gaergath--a vampire, son of Thuringwethil and Sauron
Duathris--another vampire, a former Dark-Elf and mistress of Gaergath
Serilinn--young daughter of Duathris and Gaergath, rescued by Greenjade
Amondachol, Hargammeren, Brennilvuin, Fanuilith--other vampires
Eglenbain--an entling found by Serilinn
Ellory Widdicomb--a miller
Verda Widdicomb--his wife
Pepper Widdicomb--their 19-year-old son
Chamomile (Cammie) Widdicomb--their 14-year-old daughter
Sage, Basil, Rosemary (Rodey)--grown children of the Widdicombs
Ferman--Rodey's husband
May--Basil's wife
Winnie--Sage's wife
Mallory Widdicomb--Ellory's brother
Min--Mallory's wife
Mattie--their granddaughter
Ella--Mattie's cousin
Royal--Ellory's wayward younger brother
Butch--the Widdicombs' dog
Skip and Othar--friends of Pepper
Blossom Benbow--Pepper's sweetheart
Ferrell--her cousin
Randy Budgeon--a drunkard
Aletha--Verda's sister
Sissy and Lina--Aletha's daughters
Brego--a horse purchased by Radagast
Cinnamon--Serilinn's doll, made by Greenjade

Part III

Nurse Grynhild--nursemaid to Elfwine
Meleth--an elleth, Serilinn's former nursemaid and protector
Mikala--Bergil's fiancee and nursemaid to Aragorn's children
Ruan--her sister
Little Gandalf--younger brother of Mikala and Ruan
Luthien and Elwing--daughters of Aragorn and Arwen
Sweetfern--Moonrise's wife
Jasmine--Ebbtide's wife
Barathon--Fairwind's husband
Emerion, Faelon, Meriadoc, Eowyn--children of Fairwind and Barathon
Crystal, Piper, Summershine--children of Moonrise and Sweetfern
Sandrose and Onyx--children of Embergold
Spinner--Northlight's dog
Finduilas--daughter of Faramir and Eowyn

Part IV

Mistress Amdir--Meleth's housekeeper
Mistress Haldaraina--headmistress at a girl's school
Gilglin, Kaerwyn, Illi--friends and classmates of Serilinn
Nimrodel--Meleth's mare
Lightning--Kaerwyn's mare
Theliel--a troublesome classmate
Ivrenel--daughter of Beregond and Serilinn's friend
Dringon--a stonecutter
Alphi--a female tavern keeper
Tommy Pulver--a hotheaded young man killed in a fight with an orc
Erik--a healer
Utiradion--an Elf who was once an orc, later saves Greenjade's life
Pippin--Serilinn's dog
Queenie--Elboron's dog
Garulf--Greenjade's assistant and later husband of Kaerwyn
Brynnien--a schoolteacher, Meleth's successor
Bryseluthea--daughter of Greenjade and Meleth
Iorhael--their son, who chooses mortality
Amarthedhel--an elleth who was once an orc-maiden, briefly involved with Elrohir
Sam--a puppy
Frodo, Sam, Pippin--Mikala's sons
Branion and Hathol--Northlight's sons
Amaryllis--Northlight's daughter
Iorhael--husband of Amaryllis
Silivren and Meril--Iorhael's sisters
Amonost--Silivren's husband
Edenost--Serilinn's son
Riannor--wife of Olorin/Gandalf
Luthien--daughter of Elrond and Celebrian
Kulu--a falcon
Arwen Undomiel--Bryseluthea's newborn daughter


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