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Favourite Rings
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Our Favourite Rings

Verse 1 (Elrond/Galadriel/Gandalf/Cirdan, in four-part harmony)

Vilya for Rivendell, guarded by water.
Nenya's fair keeper sees more than she oughter;
Gandalf's is borrowed (without any strings),
These are a few of our favourite Rings.

Verse 2 (Seven Dwarf-lords, mournfully)

Some that brought gold rolling in by the wagon,
More that we fear have been filched by a dragon;
One seized in Guldur from poor dead Thrain's things,
These were a few of our favourite Rings...

Chorus (Elves and Dwarves together)

When the Shadow's slowly growing,
When our hearts aren't glad,
We simply remember our favourite Rings
And then we don't feel
So bad!

Verse 3 (Ringwraiths, with evil glee)

One for the Witchking, dark deeds never shirking,
One for Khamūl who in Mirkwood is lurking;
One for each Wraith as black terror he brings,
These are a few of our favourite Rings!

Verse 4 (Gollum and Frodo, grinning maniacally)

One is our Precious, that Bilbo once "borrowed,"
One is the Ring for which Middle-earth sorrowed;
We must destroy It, though that really stings,
There's only One of our favourite Rings!

Chorus (Sauron, pirouetting madly Julie Andrews-fashion on slopes of Orodruin):

When Men bait me, when Elves hate me,
When I'm feeling sad,
I simply remember my favourite Rings
And then I don't feel
So bad!


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