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7 - The Heirophant

The Heirophant

We saw him fall--we all did! Him--Gandalf the Grey, old Gandalf Greyhame, or so I understand as they call him in the Horselordsí lands. But when we awoke, there in Ithilien, there he was--standiní by our beds, all in shininí white--even his hair!

Aragornís brothers tell me as him, Gandalf or Mithrandir as they call him, has been here for most of this last age, come from over the Sea to Middle Earth. I donít quite understand as how that could be, as I understood as none could come east from the lands that-a-ways--not this age, at least. And Mr. Pippin, he speaks of the Light at the heart of him, only veiled by his old Manís seeming. He says as when Gandalf rode out to face the Wraiths, and later again as he sat Shadowfax when the Gate of Minas Tirith fell, he could see that Light let loose. And I saw it, too, when he laughed with me when I woke up under the beeches and found as Mr. Frodo íní me was goiní tílive after all, this time.

And now--now there he stands, with the Lady and Lord Elrond: white, blue, and red theyíve been, and this time I see them clear, the Rings on their hands. Just rings now--gold or mithril, set with gems as might be spent but still show as these was indeed Lords, here within Middle Earth.

Look on them, Sauron, and see what you ought tíhave been like, what you ought to have done with your own Ring! But there was no protectiní nor preserviní for the likes of you, was there?

And itís him, Gandalf, who receives my Master, leads him aboard! Takiní the heart as Mr. Frodo give me all our years together right out of me!

Hold him close for me, Gandalf or Olůrin or whatever your true name is there where you come from. Help his own Light tíburn bright once more, and show him the way. And help me find him again--when the timeís right for it. Light the way for both of us as youíve done for our Lord Strider and the rest. Thatís all I can ask in the end.


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