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In a Handful of Dust

Day 31: you wake up as a citizen of M-e and have a choice: yesterday or tomorrow?


Yesterday, says the rage that would not spare a drop of treelight for a new day.

Yesterday, sings the sevenfold castrati chorus, that each day, for an Age, cuts a little more of life's weave down to one fatal thread.

Yesterday, recalls the miserable Night, that would swallow its own tail so as not to be born.

Yesterday, dream retentive elven hands that cast their Rings.

Yesterday, claims pride in its poverty, that has but torch and dagger left to give.

Tomorrow, demands love that heeds no loveless limit, not even death.

Tomorrow, trusts faith, and shakes diamonds from the soles of its shoes.

Tomorrow, prays repentance, and gladdens killing fields with a princely gift.

Tomorrow, vows loyalty that dares a door and dies raising a dawn.

Tomorrow, cries pity providential, for Shire and its Shadow, and all the creatures of the world, who know not what they do...


Final notes and such to stories

Chapter 2:
All She Wants To Do Is Dance - by Don Henley

Chapters 3, 6, and 11: As always, Andrahar belongs to Isabeau, but thank you for allowing me to play in your sandbox!

Chapter 13: is caught between Aristotle and Hegel in its title and summary, respectively.

Chapter 14: Line 30 of The Waste Land by T.S. Eliot.

"Diamonds on the soles of his shoes" - image by Tolkien, lyric by Paul Simon.


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