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'Neath Anor, Ithil, and Gil
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Words of Counsel

For Cheryl Ann Alexis and TariElfLady for their birthdays--a quaddrabble. Thanks as ever to RiverOtter for the Beta.


Words of Counsel

“So--you have been chosen to accompany the Ringbearer on the road to Mordor?”

“Yes, my Lord Glorfindel. I had thought perhaps you should be chosen for this place.”

“And you think that once we left northern Eriador the Enemy would not be aware of the fact the Balrog-slayer was headed his way? Nay--that would have proven disastrous. Nay--better one he has paid little attention to, even if you are a Prince of Eryn Lasgalen. But keep the blade of your knife keen and your bowstring dry, child--his creatures will undoubtedly follow you along the way, drawn by the presence of the Ring. And stand by both Frodo Baggins and our Estel. Remind the Hobbit that he is compassed round with the love and concern of those who serve the Light, and remind Aragorn that he cannot expect to do everything himself, and that all of us at times make mistakes in judgment.”

Glorfindel examined Legolas Thranduilion, then smiled. “Sauron is too prideful, I think; and you shall help to help shake that pride somewhat. Go with my blessings.”

“If only they had not included the Dwarf--speaking of pride.”

The ancient warrior shook his head. “Nay--do not discount him until he has proved himself one way or another, my prince. The Children of Aulë also have a stake in seeing Middle Earth ridded of Sauron’s treachery. He has cost them much--perhaps the chance to return to their former numbers once more. He has seen what Sauron’s creatures have done to his lands and peoples; and his folk have a special love and regard for the Periannath. He will stand by Frodo Baggins with all that is within him, you will find.”

Sensing the light reproof, Legolas bowed his head. “As you say, my lord.”


As he glanced behind during the run through Rohan, Legolas could see the determined Dwarf keeping stride, there behind Aragorn. Frodo had chosen to go on alone--save for the determined Sam. The only way they could keep faith with the Ringbearer at this point would be in rescuing Merry and Pippin, if it could be done. Yes, when choosing Gimli son of Gloin Elrond had chosen well. A worthy Dwarf! Then he caught a winded smile of approval from Aragorn, who appeared able to read his thoughts.

He turned back to the trail of the Uruk-hai, smiling slightly.

They would rescue the young Hobbits, that he pledged.


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