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Brothers at Heart
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Character List

Just a List of the characters for those who would like to have it handy!


Character List:

Characters in bold print are Tolkien’s, all others are mine. I have listed them in family groups and given a brief description of them.

Name Age Description

People in Dolomar:

Estel/Aragorn 20 Well, if you don’t know who he is…

Halhigal 70 Halbarad’s father – Gilraen’s brother
Nimrie 54 Halbarad’s mother
Halbarad 23
Ivorwen 110 Mother of Halhigal & Gilraen (and 2 children who died tragically)

Ladreníl 82 Father of Gilost & Gaerwen, head of village when Halhigal is gone.
Alpheth 66 Mother of Gilost & Gaerwen, sister of Arthiell
Gilost 34 Ranger
Gaerwen 25 Young lady (she and Gilost are cousins of Baisael, Braniell, & Balrant)
Sírdhim 120 Ladreníl’s father

Caladel 53 Father of Caladithil, patrol leader
Emeldir 45 Mother of Caladithil, daughter of Nestad of Taurnand
Caladithil 12 Errand boy

Faelon 67 Father of Baisael, Braniell, & Balrant, patrol leader
Arthiell 62 Mother of Baisael, Braniell, & Balrant, sister of Alpheth
Baisael 30 Ranger
Braniell 22 Young lady (these 3 are cousins of Gilost & Gaerwen)
Balrant 7 Little boy

Talagan 55 Father of Alvist & Imlos, uncle of Rosruin, Ranger
Linnor 47 Mother of Alvist & Imlos, sister of Laereth of Taurnand
Alvist 15 Boy, gate guard (he and Imlos are cousins of Rosruin, Eradan, & Laegrist)
Imlos 1 Baby girl
Rosruin 16 Boy, gate guard. Orphaned, lives with his Uncle Talagan’s family.


Daedaen 45 Member of Faelon’s patrol
Remlas 31 Member of Faelon’s patrol


Thalion 65 Father of Laegrist & Eradan, Patrol leader
Laereth 60 Mother of Laegrist & Eradan, sister of Linnor
Laegrist 28 Ranger
Eradan 19 Young man (he and Laegrist are cousins of Alvist & Imlos)

Mellonar 101 Husband of Nínael, teaches swordplay
Nínael 92 Wife of Mellonar

Nestad 89 Father of Emeldir and has a daughter in Forntaur. Healer.

Hirgon 48 Father of Celin & Culas, Ranger
Rían 45 Mother of Celin & Culas, severely injured in Taurnand fires
Celin 9 Little girl, injured in Taurnand
Culas 9 Little boy, injured in Taurnand

Tadion 70 Father of Beraid, Miniel, & Tadiel. Wife and Son died in Taurnand. Ranger.
Beraid 27 Ranger
Miniel 17 Girl, both girls live in Estel’s house & are cared for by Hareth
Tadiel 16 Girl

Maldathor 55 Father of Héthurin and a son who died in Taurnand. Ranger
Hareth 50 Mother of Héthurin, lives in Estel’s house.
Héthurin 14 Girl


Tathor 51 Leader of patrol
Norgalad 38 Betrothed to Gaerwen of Dolomar
Baranor 40 Son-in-law of Nestad


Galt Thornapple 48 Leader
Will Larkspur 19 Youngest
Kenrick Hosta 26
Beck Nightshade 35
Dale Sundew 40 Second in command & Kenrick’s uncle


Lee Appledore 40s Mayor
Clay Rushlight 40s Member of council
Edwin Goatleaf 40s Member of council
Tolman Underhill 40s A hobbit from Staddle and member of council
Barclay Butterbur 40s Owner of the Prancing Pony
Bill 30s Guard
Nibs 30s Hobbit that works at the Prancing Pony


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