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Imhiriel's Drabbles
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Glorfindel has a moment of despair, but Ecthelion can offer a sign of hope.

MEFAwards 2009: Nominee – Times: First Age and Prior: Drabbles


Frustration dogs my weary steps out of the King’s Council. One more inconclusive, tension-filled session: contradicting counsels on strategy, bleak reports of devastation and grief outside the Hidden Kingdom. Shining fountains, sun-dappled emerald of Tumladen’s sward do nothing to appease my anguish. Striding heedlessly down to the great gate, I am hailed by its warden.

“Glorfindel, friend, whither do you go?”

“Turgon sends me out scouting. To what purpose ultimately? We know what awaits this fair city and its citizens – ruin to all our designs, as Mandos foretold.”

“Hope remains,” Ecthelion’s fair voice soothes. “Let me show you Idril’s way.”


- Ecthelion was an excellent singer, with “the fairest voice [...] and the most skilled in musics of all the Gondothlim.” (BoLT2, The Fall of Gondolin)
- “But Idril Celebrindal was wise and far-seeing, and her heart misgave her, and foreboding crept upon her spirit as a cloud. Therefore in that time she let prepare a secret way [...] she contrived it that the work was known but to few...” (Silm, Of Tuor and the Fall of Gondolin)

25.07.05 B-drabble for SilverWolf, who wanted something with Glorfindel and either Ecthelion or Elrond.


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