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Saruman and the Blue Wizards
by:Rob R.
 [1] Reviewer:Gordis Date:February 13, 2008 7:20 PM
It is a wonderfully written story on such a rare subject: exploring the East and the South. I have avidly read all of it, but the Minas Ithil chapter and the Black Serpent one are my favourites. I hope you make it a very long story.

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 [2] Reviewer:Scott Michener Date:May 19, 2010 2:31 PM
Dear Rob R.,

This is by far the most fascinating, imaginative, brilliant, and well-written story I have encountered on this site. Bravo!! I wanted it to go on and on.....The character development with Saruman is stunning, and all so believable and true to the story.

The mysteries of the blue wizards and of the East and South in Tolkien's work have intrigued me ever since I started reading about middle earth. At points I actually felt like I was reading something that Tolkien had written!

PLEASE write more stories. You are so talented. Have you ever considered writing Galadriel's story? I long for an epic story that starts with her in the blessed realm, and follows her up until she is given Nenya. My dream story would involve a detailed description of the ring's power and exactly what it enables her to do (as well as gandalf and elrond with their rings).

I know writing isn't like that - writers don't do requests, I'm just putting it out there so that you know that your writing has effected someone that deeply.

Scott Michener

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 [3] Reviewer:Sir Rutherford Date:April 6, 2013 8:54 AM
excellent stories, and really everything you would want. I can only say what I would have liked to see happen, as this being the way things turned out.

* The Blue Wizards were a bit of a disappointment in that they fell to evil so quickly, and seemed to have an immediate thirst for power and domination. I would rather have seen them struggle more with their charges.... show more respectable qualities, do good at first.... even be more clearly duped into doing Saurons bidding as they were here.
It would have been need to see perhaps one of them play a critical but unsung part in saving Middle Earth. But all of this could easily have happened here, just not been covered.
I personally didn't like how they and Saruman also seemed to have surprisingly little regard for killing off men here and there seemingly from the beginning, despite their Valar assignment to save them.

* Radagast I always suspected was better regarded and more skilled than he was in these stories, despite the 'simpleton and fool' quote by Saruman... who was always one to sling an insult whether or not merited. He may have even gradually slipped into caring only about trees and animals, perhaps eventually giving up on men as a lost cause. Again, who is to say? Tolkien never did.

* I always thought Gandalf was given the Red Ring after he fell into the pit in Moria, his new added powers making him then outmatch Saruman. But I could have been wrong... and this was an interesting turn.

Lots of great insight into Saruman and how he came about to his way of thinking. Cool powers with Pallando and Alatar, and interesting places. There was action and depth of character..... like!

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