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The Beginning of a Wonderful Friendship
 [1] Reviewer:Gwidhiel Date:January 14, 2007 9:17 PM
Hi Imhiriel!

I saw your story yesterday on the HA list and like it a lot! It's funny to think of Luthien blushing, but of course Finrod would be quite an eyeful upon first meeting. I wonder -- was she blushing because of the fine figure he cut or because he didn't stare in wonder at her beauty, as most males surely did upon meeting her?


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 [2] Reviewer:Maeve Date:January 14, 2007 9:54 PM
Ahem- seems by the look of it that the Friend of Men needed to learn how to deal with the Sindar first. Very enlightening. ;)

I have always wondered about how would the relationship between the Exiles and the Doriathrim have been, considering that in Tolkienīs works they exchange racial slurs and generalised insults aplenty (Dark Elf, Kinslayers, etc)I like your view on this, with Finrod acting innocently oblivious of his "gaffe" and Celeborn being oversensitive about the perceived slight. It should have meant a great pressure for the Sindar (aka, they should have felt threatened) to suddenly receive the visit of those bright cousins who came bringing with them the teachings of the Valar, and I think that Tolkien tried to convey this. Especially revealing was Thingolīs prohibition of Quenya, which was -in my opinion- much less of a gut reaction than a well-thought attempt to preserve his own influence by vitually shutting the mouths of the cultural invaders. ;) But I digress...

This is a nice context for Celeborn and Galadriel to meet, as well. I liked how he was impressed by her intervention.

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