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 [1] Reviewer:Isabeau Date:December 23, 2006 10:17 AM
This one gets the DOLC seal of approval! Boromir certainly can be persuasive, can't he? It's an interesting premise for an AU, that he has such proclivities and is comfortable with them at an early age. I rather liked the idea of Faramir serving as his esquire.

As for the young lord of Halabor, he seems a sensible and upright young man and it is sad that he ended by being part of the price Gondor paid for its deliverance.

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 [2] Reviewer:Czarina Date:April 7, 2007 2:46 AM
Hi, Soledad - sorry, am not reviewing your story, but couldn't find any other way of contacting you... I'm the Marcia Tucker from the Swordfeast universe whom you apparently couldn't contact a few years ago... I see you dabbled in our universe... write back? Thanks!

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 [3] Reviewer:just_ann_now Date:July 24, 2010 3:06 PM
Oh, myohmyohmy. You've found one of my most favorite Boromir kinks, and filled it admirably! But I'll get to much more loving detail about that shortly.

I really enjoyed the hints of [Ivanhoe] you've referred to and provided, adapting the conventions of Middle Age chivalry to the Third Age of Arda. What's not to love about young lordling Boromir treating his vanquished opponents with honor and generosity? (I've also made a note to go back and read the "main story", for which this vignette is apparently a delectable side dish.) The descriptions of the squires, the horses and armor they come to ransom, are very vivid and rich, the kind of writing I just love. But it's the unusual ransom that Boromir seeks from one young noble that is the focus of this story.

Sexual!Predator! Boromir- that's my kink, a young Boromir having his way with assorted guardsmen, officers, nobles. (This would be an AU to my own Boromir/Théodred AU, but not so much, since Boromir and Théodred don't really get together all that often, and boys will be boys, after all.) I particularly like a Boromir that isn't secretive about who he is, what his desires are, and you've
demonstrated well how Boromir uses the shieldbrothers' custom to gently persuade those, like Herumor, who aren't quite sure about how they should feel about the idea of acts of lovemaking between men.

There's a certain air of false modesty about Boromir here which is quite endearing ["I shall certainly not force myself upon you – although I do believe that you would take great pleasure from such encounter"] Has he actually ever been refused? It's hard to imagine, especially since he's obviously very experienced at, ah, persuasion. ["Boromir stepped uncomfortably close to him, took his face in big hands and kissed him on the mouth; not in the manner how a brother would kiss a brother but in the manner one would kiss a lover. Herumor went rigid with shock when one of Boromir’s large hands slid down the front of his body, reached between his legs, and grabbed him roughly through the fine woollen fabric of his breeches."]. What a contrast to the cool calculatedness , the arrogance, with which Boromir schedules the encounter ["“You need to be able to ride in the mêlée the day after tomorrow,” he said. “So if we are doing this at all, we should do it the day after the mêlée, as thus you will have a few days to recover ere you leave for home."]. Oh, you wicked man, you. Love it, love it, love it.

The actual lovemaking scene was - well, everything I expected to find, and more, since I've already been delighted by your descriptive skills. Lips swollen with kisses, scent and taste ["Boromir had a pleasant, clean smell; that of leather and clean sweat and some spicy soap he must have used recently, but beyond that something elusive that belonged uniquely to him."], mutual exploration of scars (another kink of mine, how did you know?) - all absolutely wondrous, delicious.

The closing provides a somber counterpoint,which makes this story a bit bittersweet, providing as it did a glimpse of mutual pleasure in two lives which were cut short too soon. Lovely, lovely writing.

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