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 [11] Reviewer:Rebecca Date:March 25, 2006 2:45 PM
Isabeau, this is a great chapter that gives a nice view of what is, I think, my favorite thing about Imrahil -- his ability to be unflinchingly honest with himself about his unconscious motives and petty flaws.

And if I'm not mistaken, we're getting closer to Imrahil going to Edhellond, which I'm very much looking forward to!

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 [12] Reviewer:ErinRua Date:April 4, 2006 6:53 AM
Hello Isabeau! It's so wonderful to see your muses at work again. I know how Real Life gets in the way, so it's an especial treat to find an update from Kin-strife so soon after your update to Ultimatums! :-)

As ever, I sink into your chapters with great delight. It's a compliment to your story-craft that I can pick up your tales after long absence and the details spring immediately back to mind. Imrahil is an interesting, engaging, sometimes exasperating blend of youth and wisdom here, aware of his petty faults and willing to overrule them - but then he tries to do so with brandy in his hand, LOL! Youth is not always sensible, even in the gifted man who will one day be Dol Amroth's ruling prince. His conversation with Thorongil was especially well-drawn, and I came away from it with the sense that perhaps Imri's jealousy is now assuaged, that he has found the regard of the man who would be king, and that his devotion will be kept safe down the years. I like to think so, anyhow. At any rate, wonderful storytelling and a delight to read. Thank you for carrying on with the story!
Cheers ~


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 [13] Reviewer:Gwidhiel Date:June 2, 2010 5:37 PM
Looking back at the last review I posted I can't tell it was for chapter 12 -- which I think is new as of May 2010 -- because the things I would like to comment on having read chapter 12 a couple of days ago (it felt like for the first time but perhaps my memory is poor) are much the same as what I wrote in my last review for this story. Sorry for the confusion -- I'm confused about what's new I guess! Anyway, I love how deftly you portray the inner emotional and cognitive worlds of your characters, Imri in particular. His humor and pragmatic confidence make him so appealing, along with his willingness to subject himself and his motives to the same hard scrutiny that he'd apply to others.

I also like how you've portrayed Aragorn in this -- he seems less wooden and 2 dimensional than he sometimes comes across (even as written by Tolkien!)

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