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What If?
Romance Rated:Adults Graphic
Prince Imrahil's decision causes a change of events in the land of Rohan. A love story set during the great war, surrounded by friendship, hate, jealousy, and ending with the bitterness of revenge. A story that was never meant to be. This is not the ordinary LOTR fanfiction you read everyday. It is quite different with many plots, twists, romances, hate, jealousy, with the story ending in a remarkable form of revenge.
Updated:January 8, 2012 Chapters:12 Words:43240 Reviews: 0
Memoirs of a Princess
General Rated:Teens
Part 1: House of Swans Series. A story of the life Finduilas experienced in Minas Tirith during her marriage to Lord Denethor. Her fears, her dreams and those she loved. A woman truly caged. Set in Finduilas' Point of View. BOOK-VERSE/PRE-WOTR
Updated:June 9, 2011 Chapters:34 Words:74651 Reviews: 0
The Unvarying Princess
Romance Rated:Teens
Part 2: House of Swans Series. Being the eldest child of Adrahil, Ivriniel faces many tough responsibilities. Despite the growing fear of Mordor, Ivriniel finds love from the last person she expected, while Finduilas is swept away to Minas Tirith.
Updated:July 19, 2011 Chapters:12 Words:40605 Reviews: 1
Love is a Dance
General Rated:Teens
One-shot. A scene in which Eomer begins to notice Lothiriel. Set in Eomer's perspective; his wants and desires. Book-verse. POST-WOTR.
Updated:June 10, 2011 Chapters:1 Words:1000 Reviews: 0
Bright Star
General Rated:Teens
One-shot. Eomer meets his son for the first time after the birth and contemplates how blessed his life has become. Also gives an insight into the love he bears for Lothiriel - his queen. Set in Eomer's perspective.
Updated:July 20, 2011 Chapters:1 Words:413 Reviews: 0
The Sturdy Prince
Action Rated:Adult
Prince Imrahil Who was he? What shaped him into the fearless man he was during the Great War? What did he achieve? This is Imrahil's life as the handsome, courageous prince, who was a thorn in the enemy's side and the man who won a woman's heart.
Updated:January 20, 2012 Chapters:5 Words:19740 Reviews: 0

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