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Pen Name:Alawa
Joined:July 10, 2004
I am in my forties and it has taken me all this time to discover the existence of fanfiction. I never expected to write anything at all so my thanks go out to all at Henneth Annun who refused to take my whine of “I don’t write” at face value.

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One Day
Poetry Rated:All
After retiring to Rivendell, Bilbo Baggins is working hard on his book. Elrond, Aragorn, Arwen and Elladan lend him their support.

Mithril Awards 2004 - Winner - Best Poetry (comic or light)
Updated:July 17, 2004 Chapters:1 Words:990 Reviews: 0
Keepers of the Hearth
Drama Rated:All
Edoras, 3021, the last year of the Third Age. Tomorrow the Golden Hall will witness the wedding of Eomer King of the Mark and Lothiriel of Dol Amroth. For more than thirty years another has kept it safe, but now she must make ready for the coming of the Queen.

Mithril Awards 2004:
Winner - Best characterisation – original character
Finalist - Best story focusing on Men

Updated:July 31, 2004 Chapters:5 Words:9444 Reviews: 0
For the Road
General Rated:All
In Rivendell, while preparing to depart for the Grey Havens, Bilbo receives a final letter from Aragorn.
Updated:July 31, 2004 Chapters:1 Words:2278 Reviews: 2
Love's Labours
General Rated:All
Gilraen and Arathorn hold a newborn Aragorn for the first time. Two vignettes.
Updated:August 1, 2004 Chapters:2 Words:2696 Reviews: 0
A Light Beyond the Darkness
Poetry Rated:All
Two short love poems written by Gilraen and Arathorn. Can be read with Love's Labours.
Updated:August 1, 2004 Chapters:1 Words:239 Reviews: 0
An Elegy for Elfhild
Poetry Rated:All
Theoden after the death of his wife in childbirth.
Updated:August 6, 2004 Chapters:1 Words:954 Reviews: 1
Travellers' Tales
General Rated:All
It is the first day of the last week of autumn and Bilbo is wondering where all the magic has gone.
Updated:August 29, 2004 Chapters:1 Words:1045 Reviews: 0
Was it for this?
General Rated:All
Aragorn at Arathorn's grave. Written for a Memorial Day Challenge.
Updated:November 11, 2004 Chapters:1 Words:582 Reviews: 2
A Lullaby for the Longest Night
Poetry Rated:All
A Dunedain Carol for the Winter Solstice.
Updated:December 21, 2004 Chapters:1 Words:251 Reviews: 0
Of Herbs and Stewed Rabbit
General Rated:Teens
Somewhere in the wilds of Eriador a company of Rangers will not be home for Yule.
Updated:January 2, 2005 Chapters:1 Words:2617 Reviews: 0
Idle Leaves
Poetry Rated:All
Flotsam and jetsam from Aragorn’s rucksack. (Written for a poetry challenge)
Updated:February 6, 2005 Chapters:6 Words:104 Reviews: 1
Hearth Companions
General Rated:All
A woman of Minas Tirith goes about her business in the aftermath of the Siege of Gondor. (A short vignette first published December 2002)
Updated:February 26, 2005 Chapters:1 Words:1625 Reviews: 0
The Jewel in the Crown
General Rated:All
The Crown of Eärnur receives a final polish on the morning Aragorn becomes King. (First published August 2002)
Updated:February 26, 2005 Chapters:1 Words:2442 Reviews: 1
Graceful and Green
Drama Rated:All
Sam, Frodo and the Rangers of Ithilien remember the fallen at Henneth Annun.
Updated:September 6, 2006 Chapters:1 Words:10114 Reviews: 3

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