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Pen Name:Oshun
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I am resisting with gritted teeth the pejorative title of “pervy elf fancier.” But perhaps I protest too much, because why would the Professor have spent so much time on all that history and those languages if he weren’t one himself? I love the stuff of myth and legend (and what it reveals about the human psyche), the Iliad, Shakespeare, all kinds of history, Latin American magical realism, especially but not limited to Gabriel Garcia Marquez. I majored in English (and campus politics) at the University of California Berkeley where I focused on early English literature and the history of that rich linguistic soup that is the English language. I hope my past obsessions over the decades with Henry James, Jane Austin, James Joyce, and so many other writers I have loved, will bring some depth to my humble attempts to entertain myself and others within the fan fiction genre.

My love of Tolkien dates back to my youth the late 1960s. (My oldest son was nearly named Frodo. I am happy to say that I had the good judgment to veto that one.) I am new to fan fiction and working now on my first tale--a coming-of-age story about Elves in Mirkwood. It is my attempt to imagine a back-story for the enigmatic Legolas and to examine the unique history/cultural and ethnic mix of Greenwood the Great.

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Woodland Twilight
General Serial Rated:Adult
A coming-of-age story about Elves in Mirkwood. It is my attempt to imagine a back story for the enigmatic Legolas and how the unique history and cultural and ethnic mixes of the Silvan Elf community might affect the protagonists: Legolas, Thranduil and an OC family of Noldor heritage.
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