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Let The Songbird Sing
Drama Serial Rated:Adults Graphic
When Maglor, son of Fanor, meets Daeron at the Pools of Ivrin, they both collaborate on a song to celebrate Mereth Aderthad (the Feast of Reuniting). Can they sustain a relationship beyond this time? Warnings: Slash.
Updated:March 20, 2006 Chapters:8 Words:16135 Reviews: 0
The Lord of the Jewels
Action Serial Rated:Adults Graphic
A sequel to both LOTR and Silm. AU for certain interpretations. Is dark in places, as the heroes deal with mental illness, postwar problems in Middle-earth, and the Valar must deal with the return of the Darkness. Rated Adult Graphic for mature situations and scenes depicting character deaths, extreme violence and horrifying situations. What happens to Frodo and Bilbo after they reach the shores of the Undying Lands? How do Legolas and Gimli cope in Middle-earth once wars and battles are no more? How is life in Gondor and Rohan postwar? What would happen if Morgoth returned from the Void?
Updated:September 5, 2005 Chapters:32 Words:118064 Reviews: 1
A Tale of Feanor: A Light in the Darkness
Drama Rated:Teens
A short story dealing with Feanor's relationships with his father, Galadriel, and the Valar. Tries to explore his soul a little to explain his motivations.
Updated:May 9, 2006 Chapters:4 Words:6306 Reviews: 0
Tragedy Serial Rated:Adults Graphic
This is a prequel to The Lord of the Jewels. What would happen if Melian the Maia gave birth to another daughter but the father was not Elu Thingol? What would happen if this child was rejected and remained hidden away for thousands of years? This is the history of such a child, spanning the time between the end of the First Age to the beginning of the Fourth.
Updated:September 30, 2005 Chapters:6 Words:23305 Reviews: 0
Tragedy Rated:Adults Graphic
Maedhros has another rescuer before Fingon comes, who tries to help him on the precipice of Thangorodrim.
Updated:September 8, 2005 Chapters:1 Words:4122 Reviews: 0
Erotica Serial Rated:Adults Graphic
Warnings: Slash. This story pairs Caranthir, son of Fanor, with Finrod Felagund. These two characters have more in common than you may think.
Updated:March 23, 2006 Chapters:1 Words:5114 Reviews: 0
Tragedy Rated:Teens
Just before Aragorn takes the Paths of the Dead, Halbarad and the Rangers of the North come to find him. While Legolas is depairing, Halbarad has hope, and a conversation develops between them concerning Halbarad's life.
Updated:May 10, 2006 Chapters:1 Words:3777 Reviews: 0

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