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Pen Name:Fadan
Name:Mike Kellner
Joined:June 1, 2004
I'm a long time Tolkien fan. Somehow I stumbled across Henneth Annn. A few years later, I am it's leader, and have built them a story archive. Funny how things work out.

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Raising The Standard
General Rated:All
Morning at a ranger camp in the Northern wilderness.
Updated:July 2, 2004 Chapters:1 Words:576 Reviews: 5
Galadriel Biography
Non Fiction Rated:All
A synopsis of the life and times of the Lady of the Golden Wood.

This is materiel excerpted and condensed from Unfinished Tales of Nmenor and Middle-Earth; The History of Galadriel and Celeborn, and The Silmarillion; Valaquenta and Of The Rings of Power and The Third Age. I edited it into a continuous narrative and added sections of my own where the material was long and not entirely on the topic of Galadriel, or there was nothing but a Tale of the Years entry to use.
Updated:June 1, 2004 Chapters:1 Words:4250 Reviews: 0
Action Rated:Adult
The Black Captain goes for a midnight ride.

Rated R for violence and foul language. Hamster lovers may be offended.
Updated:October 11, 2004 Chapters:1 Words:1204 Reviews: 0
A Gift Of Remembrance
General Rated:Teens
A mother gives her daughter a gift.
Updated:February 8, 2012 Chapters:1 Words:2011 Reviews: 2
White Tree Lore
Non Fiction Rated:All
A summary of known information on the various White Trees.
Updated:July 20, 2006 Chapters:1 Words:547 Reviews: 3
Night Games
Romance Rated:Teens
What do bored teenagers in Rohan do with themselves at night?
Updated:September 6, 2006 Chapters:1 Words:1724 Reviews: 1
A Jewel of a Girl
Action Rated:Teens
In each life, there are moments where the decision you make changes your path, and perhaps history. You may not know at the moment.

Warning: Violence.
Updated:October 10, 2006 Chapters:3 Words:5673 Reviews: 6
Elf Magic
General Rated:All
An explanation of how magical devices work.

I made it all up, but it is Canon friendly.
Updated:March 17, 2009 Chapters:1 Words:3641 Reviews: 4

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