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Sing of …owyn
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Sing of …owyn

Behold …owyn, bold slayer of
darkest evil, moth'r of princes,
faithful wife, pride of Faramir,
Ithilien’s Prince, Gondor’s Steward.

Healer of Emyn Arn'n full of pity,
breeder of Ithilros fast as Mearas,
wilful white Lady of Rohan, roams
Ithilien’s glades golden haired.

Ithilien’s lady setting to rights
all wronged and forgotten, rejoice,
realm ordered, happiness furthered,
peace invoked, we acclaim her.

Sits in her hall beloved of all,
Sing of …owyn, princes' mother,
faithful wife, true to Faramir,
Ithilien’s Prince, Gondor’s Steward.


Editor's notes:

1) first sung by the Rohirric poet Beorsweg around 30 F.A. at the court of Emyn Arnen as noted in "Early Emyn Arnen Poetry" collected by Gilromir around 180 F.A.

2) Ithilros – popular Gondorian horse breed, first bred by …owyn, Lady of Ithilien, out of predominantly Rohan stock, mostly grey coated

3) Mearas - legendary horses of Rohan; with the bygone exception of the wizard Mithrandir, they allow only the king of Rohan and his sons to ride them; they are the greatest horses of Arda, extremely fast and intelligent and nearly white


Author's notes:
Neither Ithilros (moon horses), nor Beorsweg (bright sound) or Gilromir (star horse jewel) are to my knowledge mentioned by Tolkien, none is referenced in the HoME index.
[first version written 21-May-2004 for Dwimordene after a HA discussion about "Courage under fire"]


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