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"Aii!! Oh, hello."

"Did I just sneak up on you?"

"WHAT?!? No, no, no!! Of course not!"

"Mmmhhmmm. Then what precisely did I do?"

"You, you, startled me. That's all. I knew you were there, I merely did not expect you to speak!"

"You thought me mute?"

"Don't be preposterous!"

"You are the one who refuses to admit that I snuck up on you!"

"Wipe that smirk off your face!"

"Oh, so you admit it then?"

"If I say yes, will you shut up and go away?"

"Hmm, maybe. What are you doing anyway?"

"I am listening to the earth."

"You are talking to the rocks?"

"That is not what I said, but I suppose it comes out to that in a way, yes."

"Soooo, I snuck up on you because you were talking to rocks."

"Valar! YES! You snuck up on me because I was talking to rocks! Now will you be silent and leave?!?"

"Yeesssss, but only because I have to go see Aragorn."

"Why do you need to see Estel?"

"Well, besides the fact that he asked me to help him inspect the gates today, I think he would be very interested in the fact that I snuck up on you while you were talking to rocks! Don't you?"

"WHHHAAAATTTTT???!?!?!?!??? GIMLI!! COME BACK HERE!!!!!! You will regret this, coward!!! Blasted Dwarf. I should have shot him, instead of that Uruk-hai he was sitting on! Pointy-Eared Elvish Princeling indeed! Hmm, shoot him instead... Where is my bow? ...  Ohh, there's Pippin! Maybe he knows..."

"Oi, Pippin!"

"Legolas! Good to see you! Can I help you?"

"Yeesss, you see, I seem to have misplaced my bow..."

"Oh! Well, I think I may have seen Gimli with it. Infact, I think he took it with him when he and Strider went down to the gates!"

"Thank you, Pippin! GIMLI TOOK MY BOW?!? That Dwarf is dead!"


"Umm, Aragorn, could we conclude this inspection at a later date? I think I should probably,"


"Oh, Legolas! Hello! Umm, your bow? I, I really couldn't say! Such a thin thing, completely unreliable, much too easy to lose! But, I'll leave you to find it! I have to, have to, umm, I have to go make sure that I told the milk man not to send me any milk when I am in Aglarond next week! Actually, I think I will leave today! Yes, that is what I will do! Goodbye Aragorn! Goodbye Legolas!"



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