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Criss-Cross Confusion
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This story owes its whole inspiration to The Son of Glóin

by Nieriel Raina

Without her marvelous story, I would never have even thought of this!


Mithfaeriel = Grey Spirit Maiden

Fellowship finds a lost Elf (Mithfaeriel) in Eregion. Decides to take her with them. Mithfaeriel seems kind of loopy. They run into Wargs and Mithfaeriel proves herself very capable. Gandalf is acting strange - secretive => Frodo remembers movie-verse Shire. ("Fine, keep your secrets! But I know you have something to do with it!")

Legolas becomes good friends with Mithfaeriel.

Boromir starts making passes at Mithfaeriel. Legolas argues with Boromir => tells him to stay away from Mithfaeriel. Boromir asks why - is Legolas falling in love with Mithfaeriel? 

Mithfaeriel tells Boromir off, and calms Legolas down. 

Gimli heard argument, starts teasing Legolas about Mithfaeriel. 

Legolas starts to get angry again, but Mithfaeriel steps in.

Mithfaeriel says, "Gimli, don't you think there's something you should tell the MEN?" 

Gimli stutters for a minute, "Yeah, umm, I'll take the first watch!" Turns to go get firewood. 

Mithfaeriel grabs Gimli's beard. "No, darling," Legolas freaks out at "darling." "That's not what I meant and you know it!" 

Gimli is panicking - looks to Gandalf for help. 

"Now, now, Mithfaeriel," Gandalf says. "Let's not embarrass the poor girl any more!"

Mithfaeriel turns a gives Gandalf a LOOK. 

Gimli -> "POOR GIRL?? I am not a 'poor girl'! I'm just as good a warrior as any of you! And you all know it too!" 

Frodo -> "So, you are a girl?" 

Gimli -> "Of course I'm not a girl! I'm a Dwarf!" 

Aragorn -> "I believe what Frodo meant was, are you a female Dwarf?" 

Gimli stutters for a minute then lets loose a string of Khuzdul. Frodo blushes and gasps. Aragorn rolls his eyes.

Gandalf chuckles but says "Really, Gimli!" 

Legolas looks about ready to faint. Mithfaeriel looks pityingly at Gimli but helps Legolas sit down. Merry and Pippin are very confused. Sam is in shock. Boromir is shocked&confused.

Boromir -> "But I thought there were no Dwarf women!" 

Gimli whirls on him. 

Boromir -> "Many of our stories say that Dwarves," he trailed off uncertainly. "Yes?" Gimli said. "Dwarves what?!" 

"Grow out of stone," Boromir mumbled.

Gimli explodes. Legolas restrains Gimli from killing Boromir for insulting Dwarves -> while Aragorn restrains Boromir from killing Gimli for insulting him.

Eventually Gandalf and Mithfaeriel manage to calm everyone down. They take first watch and make everyone else go to sleep.

Pippin -> "You know, I really think there's something going on between those two!" (watching Gandalf and Mithfaeriel)

Everyone (including Gandalf and Mithfaeriel) -> "Pippin, BE QUIET AND GO TO SLEEP!" (or simply, "SHUT UP, PIPPIN!")

Short time lapse...

Mithfaeriel says she has to leave. (Does not go into Moria.) Legolas wants her to stay. 

"Will I ever see you again?" 

She smiled and laid her hand on his cheek. "You may, Pathânezel," she murmured. 

Before Legolas could react, she was gone, disappearing into the night shadow as if she was naught but a whisper of the wind. Legolas dropped to his knees and raised his eyes to the stars. 

"Thank you, my Lady," he murmured. A gentle breeze swirled around him briefly, carressing his skin and stroking his hair. A quiet voice seemed to flow from the breeze. 

"Until we meet again," it murmured. "Pathânezel!"


Now. Didn't I tell you didn't want to read this? No one ever listens to me!


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