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1. My Legolas is slightly different from the traditional Legolas. He is not simply "an Elf." He has Power; similar to Gandalf but in a different way.

2. In my 'Verse' male Elves would take the name of their father as their surname. (Thranduilion) But female Elves (elleths) would take the name of their mother. (Melianiel)

3. Tauriel Melianiel is the daughter of Thingol Greycloak, who was the king of Doriath, and Melian, a Maia. She is much older than Legolas. She is also the sister of Luthien.

4. If this story is not making any sense at all, first: please hang with me! Second: Go read The Lost Jewel. It contains the overview of the story of Legolas and Tauriel.

5. I received a comment asking why Legolas would drop to his knees when Tauriel revealed her identity. All I can say is that (in my 'verse) the Elves held Luthien and all her family in great honor. Also, the fact that Melian was a Maia added to that awe.

6. Also, I realized that I goofed up. (Thank you to Certh for pointing this out to me!) I said that Yavanna Kementāri was the fairest of all the Valar. That was a mistake. It was Varda Elbereth who was said to have beauty, "Too great to be declared in the words of Men or Elves." I'm not going to change it, simply because Legolas would not have thought that Tauriel was Elbereth! Yavanna was described as a "tall woman, clothed in green," so it's more feasible for Legolas to mistake Tauriel as her.

7. On the speed of the romance. Yes, I agree. Normally I would say that the relationship is moving along WAY to fast, but! Elves are not like humans. They fall in love once and that love never dies. And also, time does not mean the same thing for them.

8. Update: Hey! So, the story is getting kind of weird... It's not what I usually write! This is my first Legomance, so if it's stupid, I'm sorry! I'm open to any and all comments! In other words, PLEASE REVIEW! Tell me what I'm doing wrong! If you have something you think should happen in the story, tell me and I'll see if I can work it in! Galu, Tauriel.


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