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More Than Meets the Eye
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Aragorn paused outside the door to Legolas and Gimli's chambers. Perhaps he should not disturb his friends. This idea could wait till morning!

Even as these ideas crossed his mind he knew that if he waited and then TOLD Legolas and Gimli that he had waited, he would never get any peace!

He could already hear them in his mind. Gimli would berate him about doubting the strength of Dwarves and Legolas would simply look at him, with that imperious stare of his, as if to say, "You thought *I* needed sleep?"

Anyway, he did not think he could go to sleep himself with this idea running through his mind.

The king started to knock on the door, but then an evil grin slid over his face and instead he gently eased open the door.

Almost nothing could have prepared Aragon Ellessar Telcontar for the sight which greeted him inside.

Legolas and Gimli lay together on one bed in the center of the room. Gimli's arm was wrapped firmly around Legolas's waist and Legolas himself had his slender arm draped protectively over the Dwarf's shoulders.

Aragorn had known his two friends had become close, but THIS!

He coughed, knowing that Legolas would probably wake up at this slight noise.

As predicted, the golden haired Elf sprang up, Gimli waking quickly at the sudden movement.

It seemed to Aragorn that Legolas was not completely awake.

He had not worn his knives to bed, they were laying nearby on a small table, well within reach.

As Legolas sprang up, he twisted sideways, catching the white handles into his hands and spinning them around in front of him.

Aragon hastily stepped back. He DEFINITELY should have knocked!

When Gimli realized that Legolas had his knives but did not truly seem aware of where he was, he clambered to the side of the bed, laying his hand cautiously on the Elf's shoulder.

"Legolas! Echo!" the Dwarf said firmly. (Legolas! Awake!)

Slowly, the tension left Legolas's body and he shook his head slightly. He seemed slightly puzzled as to why he was holding his knives and carefully replaced them on the table where they had been lying previously. Then he noticed Aragorn, standing just inside the door.

"Aragorn!" he exclaimed in surprise.

The man raised his eyebrows. Legolas blushed slightly.

"Do not worry, Aragorn," he said. "I would have woken up before I did you any permanent damage!" His blue eyes twinkled merrily as he spoke.

Aragorn sighed. "Yes, I'm sure you would have, but I'm still glad Gimli woke you first!"

Legolas straightened his face and spoke solemnly. "Your wish is my command. I shall thank Gimli on your behalf for awakening me in such a timely manner!"

The Elf spun around gracefully and dropped lightly onto the bed next to Gimli, who had been watching the exchange with amusement.

"Hannon le, muin ind!" Legolas said. (Thank you, dear heart!)

Aragon watched as the two locked eyes: shadowy grey peering deep into shining blue.

After a moment he cleared his throat loudly. They turned to look at him expectantly.

"I came to see you because I had an idea that I wished to discuss with you, but now that I am here there is something I must ask." He paused uncomfortably.

Gimli waved his hand encouragingly. "Yes, laddie? What is it?" he prompted.

"When I came in, Gimli, you and Legolas were sleeping together in the bed. The way you were lying was rather -- strange."

Legolas's brow was furrowed, his eyes confused; Gimli scratched his beard slowly.

"I feel I must know: My friends, are you..." Before Aragorn could finish what he was going to say, Legolas interrupted him.

"Aragorn," he said quietly. "Do you wish to know if Gimli and I are lovers?"

Aragorn slowly nodded, his face drawn as if in pain.

"Let me set your mind at ease, mellon nīn," Legolas said. "Gimli, do you wish to explain to him, or shall I?"

The Dwarf waved his hand impatiently. "No, no. You go ahead. You're doing fine so far!"

Legolas smiled and patted his hand tenderly.

"Aragorn, Gimli and I do love each other, it is true; but not in that way. Our love is of the heart, not of the flesh. For two benn (males) to love each other in that way is not true love, it is only wrong. No, Aragorn. Gimli and I are not lovers of the flesh, only of the heart. Now, my friend, I suggest you breath!"

Aragorn smiled weakly and slowly let out a deep sigh.

"I am glad," he said, walking forward laying a hand on each of their shoulders. "I did not think you would do such a thing, but when I walked in and saw you like that..." His voice trailed off. "You do realize how strange it looks, do you not?"

Legolas and Gimli looked at each other.

"We had not," began Legolas slowly.

"Really thought about it," finished Gimli. "However," continued the Dwarf. "What about it? Very few people make a habit out of sneaking into our chambers, excepting overtired ranger-kings that is," he said with a grin.

"Overtired, ranger-king?" Aragorn spluttered angrily.

"Yes, mellon nīn," Legolas said solemnly. "You really should go to bed!"

Aragorn groaned and wrapped his hands around his head. "Oh, you two," he groaned. This earned him two identically innocent smiles from Legolas and Gimli.

"I was going to go to bed, but I had an idea that I wanted to discuss with you! Though why I ever though having a discussion with you two would help me, I will never know!"

Gimli was getting impatient. "Aragorn! Are you going to tell us what your idea was?"

Aragorn scowled slightly. "Getting to it Gimli! I assume you both know that Eldarion's birthday is coming up..."

Legolas's face lit up. "Yes! He's going to be two years old, is he not?"

Aragorn nodded. "That's right. I was thinking, I already have a birthday present for Eldarion, but what if I gave Arwen a present for his birthday also?"

"Aragorn, that's a wonderful idea, but perhaps we should discuss this another time!"

"I, um, why, Legolas?"

Suddenly Aragorn knew that there was someone behind him. He whirled about, hand automatically going to where Anduril normally hung.

"Oh, Estel! I think that's a wonderful idea!"

"Umm, Arwen, my love! What are you doing here?"

"I was going to ask you that, but now I can see for myself! I was concerned when you did not come to bed right away and I decided to hunt for you." Arwen Undomiel gently took Aragorn's arm in her own. "Now come, my love. I'm sure Legolas and Gimli wish to go back to sleep and I have to see if I can discover a way to make you tell me what you are giving me for Eldarion's birthday!"

Aragorn's eyes widened and he turned back to look pleadingly at Legolas and Gimli. They were no help to the desperate king. They had already climbed back into bed and lay watching the royal couple slowly exit their chambers with much amusement.

"It still looks strange," Aragorn hissed as he reluctantly followed Arwen out the door and closed it behind them.

Back inside their chambers, Legolas and Gimli burst into laughter.

After several minutes of laughing uproariously, they slowly calmed down and settled in to sleep.


"Yes, Gimli?"

"Do you think it really looks all that strange?"

"I do not know, muin ind, I do not know."


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