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Imladris: 2510 TA: Elrond

“Celebrian. My Silver Lady. She is gone! She would stand here, on this balcony, shining like the moon herself. Gazing out over our lands, she gave me such hope and joy. What shall I do without her? How can I go on alone? Why couldn’t she stay here with me? Why couldn’t I heal her? Why did she have to leave? Why? Why? WHY?!?”

Rivendell: 2933 TA: Gilraen

“My love is dead. My mind hears the words but my heart will not believe. My Arathorn, my love, my joy. He would not have left me like this. Alone; taken to a strange house by strangers. My little Aragorn. They say we must change his name. Estel; that is what they want to call him. Hope. Yes. Let him be called Hope. I will have no hope, but let him be hope for the rest of the world. My love is dead. This day my heart dies also. Why, Arathorn? Why did you leave me alone? Please, my love. Come back and keep me safe! Why can’t you come back? Why? Why? WHY?!?”

The Shire: 2980 TA: Frodo

“Mum? Da? Where are you? Why are you leaving me? Please come back! Don’t leave me; don’t go where I can’t follow! Mum? Da? Please! MUM! DA! Oh no! Oh, please no! Nooo! Why? Why? WHY?!?”

Newton, Connecticut: 2012 AD: Families of the murdered

“Where are they? Where is the one I search for? Their classmates were killed. Tell me it’s not true! Tell me my baby is all right. Tell me my darling will come home. Tell me I can go on. Tell me it will be all right. Where are they? “Where is my son?” “Where is my daughter?” “Where is my mother?” “Where is my father?” “Where is my friend?” Where are they? Tell me where they are! Why can’t you tell me? Why? Why? WHY?!?”

Boston, Connecticut: 2013 AD: The participants in the Marathon

Why? Why would someone want to hurt my baby? She's only three! Will she wake up? Should she wake up? Maybe it's better she never does. Never has to see this marred earth again. Please, can't someone tell me what's happening? So many people hurt. Why doesn't it stop? Why doesn't someone do something? "Momma? Where are you, momma? My leg hurts, make it stop! Momma? Why aren't you here? Why, momma?"  "Where is she? She was in the race, why can't I find her? Where is my daughter?" "Where is my husband?" "Where is he? We were going to be married! I must find him! Tell me where he is! Why can't you tell me?" "No! He's not dead! He can't be dead! My boy! My little boy! Why did you die?" "Why are you hurt?" "Why won't you wake up?" Why? Why?? WHY?!?

Everywhere: Across Time: All people, nations, and races

“Why? WHY?? WWHHYYYY??????????”

An endless cacophony of sorrow spirals towards the heavens. The sobs of grief, cries of anger, murmurs of confusion, wind themselves into a string of music. Unspeakably beautiful in it’s pure grief, the song transcends heaven; joining effortlessly with the Song there. One would assume this new note would mar the Song, but it does not! This note is not new. It has existed since before the creation of the world. Unlike the rest of the Music, this song has words. Well, one word; repeated over and over, in every language, voice, accent, possible. This one word is repeated endlessly by every perso person that has ever lived. “Why? Why did that person have to die? Why were we separated? Why? Why? WHY?!?” Time moves on. The Song swells. More voices are added to the endless Music. But, if you listen closely, you can hear a second tone inside the Song of Sorrow. This secondary tone is small, but it will not be stopped; throughout the Song of Sorrow it rings out with one repeated word. “Hope. Hope,” it cries. The Song of Sorrow is strong; but the Song of Hope can NEVER be stopped.


This was written in remembrance of the people who lost their lives in the December 14th elementary school shooting and the Boston Marathon bombing.


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