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Seasons challege entries

Title: The First Yule
Challenge: Seasons: Yule (or another holiday around this time)
Summary: Prayers for a holiday not your own.
Book/Source: Unabeauverse, Dwim’s multiversal Haradric theo-philosophical fanon. Thank you, Isabeau, for letting me play in your sandbox! For Marta. :-)


The First Yule

The days are short, their light faded, and in deepest winter, Gondor celebrates the sun’s return.

Strange people, who make even fire – that element most intimate to Haradric souls – strange.

Strange world, where in Harad, because ‘tis summer, the sun’s festival falls also on this eve – there the year’s shortest.

Imrahil hands him a candle, smiles: “Light it.” Prince that he is, he makes worlds collide even as they come apart!

So while Dol Amroth honors defiance of the Dark, Andrahar, reeling, prays silently to the Fire that glorified that Night: Let me love, let me love this world well…


Note: This episode would have happened during the winter of 2971, the first year Andrahar spent in Dol Amroth.

Harad's a pretty big place, given that it's mostly a direction, and a large part of it is south of the equator, so I figure there's a good chance that near Harad's liturgical calendar recognizes that farther south, where its major religion began, it's summer when in the northern parts of Harad, it's winter.


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