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Birthday drabbles
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Marta said: I'm interested in moments between cultures where one considers itself more civilised than the other. What did the "less civilised" think of the "more civilised".

And in particular mentioned: Bree-men/Dunedain Rangers (or the other way around on that one)

I like that double-sidedness, so here are two drabbles, one from a Breelander perspective, and one from a Dúnadan point of view.



Bob sighed when he saw them approaching. All over mud and grass stains - What, do they roll in the fields? he wondered - and wary eyes in weary faces, watching everything and everyone. As if, he thought, they did not trust the Bree-folk.

"Well, handsome is as handsome does," he muttered. "Better look in a mirror, lads!" He was only glad they'd no horses, for he'd no desire to get that look from them, no matter they always paid. As if I'd do anything to them!

Bob shook his head. Aye lads, it'll be a long night in The Pony...


"You can lose your heart or your pride, lads, it's that simple" - a Ranger's first and hardest lesson.

For pride's harder to lose, he thought, as the serving girl took one look and turned her pretty nose up.

And he'd hoped for peace that night, but alas! The Pony's common room had two moods for Rangers, and tonight, he was the entertainment. "C'mon, lad, a meal's worth a song, eh?" - pride can sour on such charity. So 'twas for heart he sang:

Gulls cry on the stormwind,
high over waters wide,
Look thou homeward, Exile,
That we may here abide!


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