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Filled with Light as with Water
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I think I had a seizure of my heart while on the voyage to Elvenhome. I woke one morning and started to rise, only to feel intense pain in my arm and chest, and one of the Elves as was on the Ship with me laid me down, comforted me, brought
me something to drink, and then a number came into the room as where I slept and sang over me. Twere an odd feeling, the way of that singing had on me.

They was setting basins of athelas on a ring over the pot of fire as lights this room, and I wanted to laugh, for how often Id once done the same. And the pain was eased, but after I felt weak and tired for some time. And after that they gave me willowbark tea each morning, although I had no more pain, and told me as it would ease the movement of my blood.

I came onto the deck as they told me we were approaching the Isle, and it was the most beautiful sight as Id ever seen, except, of course, the smile of my Rosie and that of each of my bairns. Twere like the first sight of Lothlorien, like, only surrounded by Sea instead of mountains and trees. The colors was brighter somehow, the greens more green than as Id ever seen before, the white of the sand shining like mithril. And there were such a crowd on the dock to greet us, Elves of all sorts, including little ones, all lit with the Light of joy.

And amidst of them stood one I knew in spite of his looking so different. I almost felt shy, like the time hed first talked to me personal in Bag End as when I was just the gardeners lad. And then I looked into his eyes, and suddenly I was hurrying forward, for it were so long and so much a homecoming, and shining arms held me. "Oh, Gandalf," I whispered, "its been so long!"

And he was holding me close, whispering, "Welcome, Samwise Gamgee! How long weve awaited you!"

I drew myself back a bit, to look up into his face. "Im sorry, but I promised myself Id not leave while Rosie was there. Wouldnt have been fair to her, you know." And then I looked around. "Is he here yet, Gandalf? I know he was right weak when he left us. Im sure Mr. Bilbo has gone on by now."

And he smiled at me. "Yes, Sam, Bilbo has gone on, long ago, not too long after his arrival. He remained with us just under a year longer."

"That long?" I was right impressed.

"He lingered for the sake of Iorhael--for Frodos sake, that is. It was difficult for him at first. Yes, he was very weak when we arrived."

"Yes, he were fading. Is the Lady Galadriel here on the Isle, Gandalf?"

"She is today. She is often here for the Ringbearers sake."

I smiled. "Good, for Id love to see her face...." But I saw her coming, and felt the arrival behind me of the Lord Celeborn, who had said as hed bring my pack. I saw her eyes on me with Gandalf and her beautiful smile, then the pause as she looked up, and the shining of them both as they looked at one another, as the long love between them sparked once more, and I felt right content.

And when she looked down on me and noted my smile, her own was deeper and full of laughter. And I saw as her hand was shining, like, and I wondered, for Id thought as her Ring wasnt active no more. But then I realized as what it was she carried, and why; and I looked up into her face and said, "Thanks, but I dont need the Starglass for to see him."

I looked to her right and saw the shining there, and looked into the glory of it, and smiled. "Oh, Master, Id of known you anywhere, you know!"

And the Light of Frodo Baggins embraced me, and I heard his voice filling my heart, saying, "Oh, Sam--my dear, dear, beloved Sam." And I knew as Id come home to him, for a bit, for a small bit, afore we took the last bit of the Way. And I suspected it would be fairly soon, and probably together. And I knew that waiting for us would be a number as wed been missing, some, like Rosie, for only a bit, and some, like as his folks and my mum, for far, far too long.

And I felt I could see, standing afore the rest, a singular Light as marked old Mr. Bilbo, right satisfied to see his Frodo Lad fully happy.


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