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B2MeM 2012
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Another Wild Shieldmaiden

B2MeM Challenge: o68 Forth Eorlingas!: Orthanc
Format: Drabble
Rating: General
Warnings: You know when you're just trying to 'get done' when you write something like this :-) My only excuse is that I really like this bunch of people together, and could not resist to see the girls win one over the boys. If Léof or Aetheldred intrigue you, I've written more about them here
Characters: Éowyn, Éothain, Éomer, OCs
Pairings: none
Summary: Where Léof learns that shieldmaidens don't have to fight, necessarily...

"You can't be Helm, Wyn," Éothain protested, folding arms over his broadening chest. "You can be Hrothwyn."

"The daughter?" Éowyn cried, stomping.

"I thought we'd play Orthanc, Éomer complained, rolling eyes at Éowyn. "Why do I get dragged into these baby-games..."

"Shush," from Aetheldred. To Éowyn. "My brother's just scared of your hammer-hand." And to Éothain, "I suppose I shall be Hrothwyn."

"See? That's a girl."

But Aetheldred smirked. "Everyone knows Helm-King wouldn't have killed Freca if Hrothwyn hadn't wanted him to."

In later years, Léof remembered that moment as the first he loved her.

~the end


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