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B2MeM 2012
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A Lesson in History (Faramir/…owyn)

B2MeM Challenge: i22: Gondorian History: The Kin-Strife, 068: War of the Ring; i22: The Steward and his Sons: Osgiliath; 068: Economy: War
Format: Drabble Pair
Rating: General
Warnings: None
Characters: Faramir, …owyn
Pairings: Faramir/…owyn
Summary: A lesson in history is not the same as a history lesson ;-)

In those golden days after finding each other, Faramir took her to all those places that had meant something-- the alcove in the ramparts, the library, the kitchens, his mother's herb-garden... Then they ventured out of the city.

Coming to Osgiliath, he said, "Here, I fought. And failed. We blew up a bridge."

So she asked him, "What of before?"

"The city was first besieged, fell in the civil war in 1437."

Her raised eyebrow bid him finish the thought. "They fought the King.
"For marrying from among the Northmen."

She grew silent at this.

And so did he.


While riding back, he drew even with her horse, and said, "King Eldacar fled Gondor. This was the year--"


"Just so. He took refuge among his kinsmen from the North-- his mother's people."

She seemed unimpressed. He continued, "A full decade later, in 1447, Eldacar returned with Rhovanion troops, deposed the usurper."

She gave a small snort. So, Faramir did something drastic-- taking her reins from her, said, "I have lived like this all my life. See where it brought me! The Northmen have rescued me-- us-- yet again. And I would never change that."

And …owyn believed him.

~the end


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