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B2MeM 2012
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Closure (Elfwine's, Éomer, Lothíriel)

B2MeM Challenge: Day 1: i18, March 3019: Second Battle of the Fords of Isen
Format:Triple drabble
Rating: General
Warnings: None
Characters: Elfwine, Éomer, Lothíriel
Summary: Elfwine helps his father put closure on a particularly painful regret.

The year he turned thirteen, Elfwine finally began to show interest in learning the history of his homeland. 

"He has been living history, you see," Éowyn said, when they expressed their concerns about his previous lack of enthusiasm. "You were never a studious boy yourself."

But, when he did want to know, he devoured all books he could get his hands on, pestered everyone with questions, raided the soldiers for explanations on the finer points of strategy, plagued the bards for more stories, more poems, more names. When, at last, as it was wont to happen, he arrived to the matter with Isengard, he came up against a wall for his father would not say much about it.

He asked. And asked. And Éomer closed and closed himself more and more.

Subtly, Lothíriel tried to explain that it was still a painful subject, which, of course, only spurred his imagination on.

He searched high and low and, of course, called upon the Marshal. 

One spring afternoon, when they were sparring, he let his mock sword clatter on to the ground and said, as naturally as if he were recounting what he had eaten for breakfast, "There's a reason why you missed the battle, of course. If you had not been on the Eastemnet chasing after the Orcs, they would surely have finished Master Merry and Pippin. Not to mention that you would never have come across the King Elessar, and we all know what bad news that would have been!" after which he lifted up his sword and resumed his sparring stance, leaving his father to blink and pick up the pace.

That night, as they were settling for bed, Lothíriel noticed how subdued her husband was. It took little prodding to have him smile and say, "All's well now."


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