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Filled with Light as with Water
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This piece of fan fiction is the sequel to For Eyes to See as Can, and tells the the story of the healing of Frodo Baggins on Tol EressŽa. Itís considerably shorter than its predecessor, for which many will probably be glad. It is primarily told from Frodoís own point of view, a description of his experiences he has written for Sam so that Sam can begin to understand what has brought him to the point in which Sam finds him on his own arrival in the Undying Lands. Again, at the end we shift focus, first to Sam, then to the King Elessar, and finally to Glorfindel, as we see how others again respond to the evidence of how Frodo has been prepared for his final release.

I have started with the premise that both physical and spiritual healing for Frodo will take some time, and that not all the changes will be necessarily comfortable . Nor will adapting to such a drastically different situation and the changes he senses in his companions and himself be particularly simple. And I have followed through on the foreshadowing Gandalf had during Frodoís recovery in Rivendell, that Frodo is likely to become as a vessel of glass filled with light as with water, for eyes to see as can, a description Iíve always found has tugged at my own imagination.

I have done a bit of compression of time, making the summer after Sam's leaving the time in which Merry and Pippn decide to leave the Shire for good, first going to Rohan and then to Gondor. One place where I have managed to play a bit with book canon.

Again, I donít own the characters nor the story which sparked my own flight of fancy. I simply hope that the story resonates in others, and that it sparks thought and enjoyment.

October 22, 2004

In loving memory of Tony Sherrell
Dream of the ones who've gone before


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