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A Festival of Lights
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The Light of the King Returned

The Light of the King Returned

Aragorn took the Winged Crown into his own hands and held it up, and all expected to see him set it upon his own head. So the crowning of the King had been ever done, as each heir had taken it from the hands of he who had worn it before him.

But this time the claimant had vowed he would not enter the White City as a conqueror, climbing to the Hallows in the heights of Minas Tirith to enter the House of the Kings to take what was his due. Nay, instead he had said that he would accept the Crown and Throne only if the people of Gondor itself would accept and proclaim him as such, for it was the people he would lead he would have affirm him in his office. Nay, no conqueror he, though claimant of the Kingship he might be. His claim came from the lineage of Isildur rather than Anárion, the elder rather than the younger line of Kings. Oh, he did hold the lineage of Anárion within himself as well, but it was from the distaff side. Pelendur had refused to accept the claim of Arvedui and Fíriel; it was the duty of the populace of Gondor to negate Pelendur’s deed and return the Kingship after a millennium of rule by the Stewards of the land.

“Will you have him as your King?” demanded the Steward.

“Yea!” responded the people gathered to witness this moment.

And he did not crown himself in token of his might, but knelt humbly, asking the Servant of the Valar to take the Crown from the hands of a simple—or rather, not so simple—Hobbit and to set it upon his head. In the end he did not take the Kingship, but instead accepted it as a sacred trust.

And as he rose all saw the shining mantle of rule round about him, for he shone with Eärendil’s own Light, though it was day. His childhood name of Estel now fulfilled upon him, Aragorn son of Arathorn, once the mere Chieftain of the secret remnant of Númenor’s might in the North, became Elessar, the Elfstone, the Healer and the Renewer.

And through the eyes of what appeared to be merely a Wizard the Valar and the rest of their servants watched in awe, for indeed Atar had wrought a miracle here, bringing Peace and Order once more out of Discord, bringing Light out of apparently overpowering Shadow.

Not in pride but in humility had this King been crowned, recognizing that all had brought this day to be, that great and small had together worked to bring about the Return of the King.

He crowned not himself, but accepted what was granted him by all who witnessed this coronation, rejoicing to accept the weight of Rule and willing to Rule well. And in the glow of his Light, all prospered.


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